10 Things To Know About Virtual Assistants In The Philippines

Many employers are hiring Filipino Virtual assistants, which might include you. Many Filipinos possess many good qualities, making them one of the best candidates for the job. You may be familiar with why Filipinos Virtual assistants fit the job, but you might be surprised that there are more things to know about Filipino virtual assistants.

You need to know about Filipino Virtual Assistants: they are sensitive, shy, dislike confrontations, traditional, polite, courteous, hardworking, like incentives and bonuses, the breadwinner of the conscientious workers and lives with an extended family. 

You might only know Filipino Virtual as competitive employees, but there is more to that. Knowing the things about you Filipino Virtual Assistants is essential to know them more and deal with them. Knowing your employees’ backgrounds gives you a hint on how to supervise and deal with them. To learn more things about your Filipino Virtual Assistants, read more below.

 1. Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Sensitive

Most Filipino people are emotional. However, not all do have this characteristic, but most are. They are susceptible to the tone of voice of someone they talk to. A slight change in your tone of voice makes them think you might be sad, upset, annoyed, or mad about something. 

Note that the words you use, significantly when some issues arise, will undoubtedly affect them. They are easily affected by the words being said, and they will carry them for some time. However, they will act as if nothing happens to show professionalism. 

Filipinos are very sensitive to insults and bad-mouthing, but it motivates them to work hard since they are proud to prove that they can work well. If you insult them about their work, their revenge shows you that you are wrong by giving you excellent work.

2. Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Polite And Courteous

Filipino likes to please their boss and are known to be polite. They look up to their boss with respect, and they look up to them.  That is why you can always hear them saying “sir” and “ma’am: since that only shows that they look up to you and respect you. 

3.  Filipino Do Not Like Confrontations

As much as possible, Filipino virtual assistants want to work in a peaceful environment without confrontations and arguments. As you may know, Filipino people are easygoing and pleasant. In the Filipino culture, they call it “pakikisama,” they will adjust to their workmates. 

They will not confront you with specific issues or will confront you directly. Instead, they will go around the bush and give you a subtle hint about something that upsets them or is not happy about.

 4. Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Shy

Part of the Filipino characteristics is being shy. As you may notice, most Filipinos are reserved, conservative, and shy, especially when talking about monetary matters. Before letting a Filipino Virtual Assistant Start with the work, it is best that you need to be clear with the job offer. 

Filipinos are timid to talk, so it is best to talk to them and ask them about specific issues and happenings. Having clear and open communication is essential to avoid conflicts that may arise from a certain situation.

5.  Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Traditional

 Filipinos are conventional; they like to celebrate holidays and many other occasions since that is part of their culture. They want to celebrate Filipino festivities, especially those who are Catholic. That is why you must have or arrange their yearly events and holidays for them.

6.  Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Hard Working

Filipino Virtual Assistants are hardworking. They appreciate and value their work since they can gain a competitive salary rate compared to the local jobs offered in the Philippines. Moreover, they work hard to gain more, especially if they need the money. 

7.  Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Motivated By Incentives And Bonus

Many Filipino Virtual assistants are motivated to do more as long as they know that there will be more incentives and bonuses if they do their best. Note that gifts, gadgets, vouchers, appliances, and weekend trips are secondary to cahs. They will need appreciative cash incentives and bonuses. 

Filipinos prefer cash since it will help them pay their rent bills and can be added to their savings. That is why if you want to motivate your Filipino virtual assistants, you need to give them extra bonuses and incentives.

8.  Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Breadwinners Of The Family

Many Filipino Virtual assistants are working to support their families. They work hard because they won’t provide for the needs of their family, and they dream of giving them a comfortable life.  That is why paying them fairly and on time is very important since they have bills to pay and tuition, especially if their siblings are still studying. Most of the time, the money they are about to receive has already been allotted to bills and other essential things that need to be prioritized.

9.  Filipino Virtual Assistants Lives in an Extended Family

Part of the Filipino culture is living with an extended family. So if hiring a Filipino VA, you can expect that their house is full of children and their family members like grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  This is typically okay as long as their work is not affected.

10. Filipino Virtual Assistant Is Concetiouse Workers

Filipino characteristics are honoring “utang na loob” or “debt of gratitude.” Giving them something they do not expect will surely appreciate it and will vie wit as they awe you. They will do you a favor, primarily if you treat them right, correctly, and with respect. They will bounce back the good things that you do to them.

Also, when you give them a favor, they will never forget it and will pay you back with favor if you ask and even if you do not ask.


Filipino Virtual Assistants has a lot of things that possess that you need to know. If you are an employer, it is essential to know something about your Virtual Assistants to be guided on dealing with them. Also, you will be aware of their situation, culture, and characteristics. Knowing them helps you to supervise them better.

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