7 Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant From The Philippines

Looking for a personal Virtual Assistant must not be taken for granted as it is a crucial part of running a business or any endeavor that you are doing. Finding the best, trustworthy, efficient, and reliable will impact you. As you may notice, there are a lot of employers just like you who are looking for a virtual assistant that qualifies your expectations and criteria. Well, that is justifiable as you only want to work with the best.

There are so many employers looking for Filipino virtual assistants as Filipinos are proven to have the skills that qualify the criteria of most employers. The benefits that you can get of hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant are that you will pay less, and Filipinos are good in English and competitive. 

Also, as you may notice, if you post job offers in OnlineJobsPh, you can see that all Filipino jobseekers have degree qualifications. Many are certified with the skills they are good in and might be suited to the work you want them to work for you. In addition to that, Filipino Virtual assistants in OnlineJobsPH are verified, so you need not worry whether you are scammed. Read more below to dig deeper regarding the benefits of hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants.

Filipino Virtual Assistants Will Provide You A Long-Term Support

Filipino Virtual Assistants will surely provide you with long-term support since they prefer a full-time job to a freelance career. There is a benefit in choosing a full-time Filipino Virtual Assistant over a Freelance Filipino Virtual assistant since you will not need to change one employee to another from week to week from months to months. Most Filipino Virtual Assistants want a secured job. That is why they will surely cater to your needs and will undoubtedly support you with your business and provide the best work performance that they can give. 

Hiring a full-time Filipino Virtual Assitant will be an advantage to you since there will be no discontinuity with the job and the task being done. You will also have the assurance and trust to your employee if they have been working full time since you have already observed how they work and how they do their work. You can build trust and confidence in your employee.

Low-Cost Payment

Due to the geographical and economic differences between the Philipines and the Western world, you will benefit from saving some money if you hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant. There is a huge difference when it comes to the payment system. That is why, if you are on a tight budget but do not want to compromise the quality of task that you wish your Virtual Assistant to work on, you can hire a Filipino VA to do the job.

Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant for working social media tasks or general admin will only cost you $350 to $400 per month. Still, hiring an American or a Western virtual assistant may cost you $2000 to $3000. That’s a huge difference!

Filipino Virtual Assistant Is Degree Educated

A Filipino Virtual Assistant is considered one of the best candidates to be hired is degree educated. Filipino Virtual assistants are intelligent, educated, and skilled. As you may see, in many jobs posting platforms, all Filipino jobs seekers are educated and have the skill to accomplish the job. 

You need not worry whether they are doing their task well. Filipino are easily adaptable and teachable if they know about a specific job since they are equipped with the necessary skills. Even if they are new, they will work hard to master it.

Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Well Trained

As you may see in some jobseeking platforms like OnlineJObsPh, you can see that there are so many virtual assistants that are highly qualified and trained to do a specific task. If you hire a Filipino virtual assistant, you will no longer worry about giving tons of training since most are already well trained. If there might be a need for training, they can quickly grasp the ideas and concepts since Filipino Virtual Assistants will ensure they know what they are doing.

Filipino Virtual Assistants Can Work Independently

Though you may have a huge or small business, hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant will save your time and energy since they only need little supervision. Many Filipino VA can work independently and with little supervision as long as they are guided and given the instructions they need to fulfill the assigned task.

The second Language of the Filipino people is English. They can speak the language, but they are also fluent in it. That is why communicating with a Filipino Virtual Assitant will never be a problem. If you seek o find a well-rounded Virtual Assitant to do the task efficiently and remotely, you can never go wrong with hiring a Filipino Virtual Assitant. Comprehending the English talent of the Filipino people will benefit you.

Filipino Virtual Assistants Are Loyal

Some employers are disappointed with some virtual assistants since some are notorious job-hoppers. They get away with the job assigned to them. However, you can expect Filipino Virtual Assistance to remain in your company as long as it takes. Filipino people value the sense of “debt of gratitude.” Filipino Virtual assistants will be loyal to you under the right conditions. They will appreciate the work that you have given to them.

Filipino Virtual Assistants can Adjust to Time Differences

One advantage and benefit of hiring a Filipino Virtual Assitant is adjusting to time differences. If the job you are offering to them is at night, they will do it for the sake of the job. Most employers follow the eastern standard time, the opposite of the Philippine time. Still, Filipinos are on the go to work at their best. 


There are a lot of benefits to hiring Filipino Virtual Assistants. One of these is that you will save some money since Filipinos pay rate is lower than western employees. You can also guarantee that they know their work since Filipino Virtual Assistants are well trained and educated. They will also be loyal to you, and you will have no problem giving them night shifts since they are adaptable and can adjust to time differences.

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