7 Ways for Filipino Virtual Assistants to Call the US: Ranked

There are many Filipino Virtual Assistants in the country because most clients prefer Filipinos because they are fluent English speakers. Also, the country’s compensation is cheaper than other countries, and Filipinos can adjust to time differences. Moreover, Filipino values employers abroad because foreign employers give a higher salary than local Filipino employers.

Since Filipinos are from different countries, their employers live abroad, and communication is crucial. Filipinos may contact their employers through email, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype for US employers; however, you need to have a VoIP app or tools if you are a Virtual Assistant.

Though some typical messaging applications are beneficial for clear communication with your client and employer in the US, Virtual Assistants need VoIP services to call landlines or numbers in other countries, especially in the US. Since communication is accessible nowadays, Filipino virtual assistants may now reach customers in other countries.

To know more about these, kindly read more details below.

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Best Free Calling Apps to Make Free Phone Calls In the US

TextPlus (click here)

textPlus is considered a solid international calling app with free texts and free inbound calls to the US. However, this app does not offer free outbound calls. The outbound calls within the US may cost you $ 0.02 per minute. You may also get free credits, but you need to watch videos to get it.

The interface of this app has five tabs. The first tab includes your balance and lets you earn credit points. The second one replicated the first. The third tab is for your texts, contacts, calls, and settings. If you go to the settings, you can easily change your phone number for a new one in any US area code that you prefer, depending on what you often transact. textPlus may be considered one of the best calling apps you may use if you are a virtual assistant in the US aside from outbound calls that are not free. 

Talkatone (click here)

Talkatone is considered to be the best free calling app. Talkatone is a well-known calling app in the US and has been around for a while. This calling app offers unlimited free calls to any number in the US and Canada. This app is packed with full features such as customized voicemail greetings, passcode protection, and call blocking. 

Talkatone has a straightforward, modern, and easy-to-navigate interface. You can spend a one-time $10 purchase to remove the banner ads. This purchase is less expensive in comparison to other subscription model lists. This app is indeed the best if you want to try calling in the USA or Canada for free.

FreeTone / TextMe Up / Text Me (click here)

FreeTone, TextMe Up, and Text me are the same freephone number apps with different color schemes. FreeTone has a greenish-blue color scheme. TextMe Up has a light blue color scheme, while Text Me has a nearly royal blue. All of these apps provide a free phone number for texting and calling.

Free Tone and TextMe Up are of the same company under TextMe.Once you sign in to these apps, you will have a number for the account. Whatever app you will use, all work well once downloaded. You can call and text in the US and Canada for free. However, you can purchase digital credit to call internationally and earn credits if you watch sponsored videos. 

Dingtone (click here)

Dingtong may previously have looked dated, and some may turn away from it, but now it was redesigned and remedied some outdated app features. This app now comes with a sleek material design interface that is easy to navigate and use. The good thing about Dingtong is that it can ring you and the person you are calling to and connect your calls, reducing fees. 

Also, you can set up voicemails, call blocking, and call forwarding. You can earn free credits for watching videos and making international cell phone calls and landline calls to over 200 countries. This app has one downside, it does not charge in seconds but minutes. However, if you are a non-US resident, DIngtone can give you a US, Canada, UK, Belgium, Australia, and the Netherlands number, making it a solid choice for you. 

Text Now (click here)

TextNow is the top free phone number app for calling and texting. This app will enable you to contact the US for free and Canada. However, this app has a lot of customization and designs. This app will let you sync your texts with your personal computer making it a great choice compared to other apps.

To retain your phone number and access features like voicemails and call forwarding, you need to pay $3 per month. Today you may be able to call in the US for free without restrictions. However, you can remove the ads in the app if you are willing to pay. TextNow lets you call internationally, but you will either need to complete in-app surveys or buy minutes to do it.

Rebtel (click here)

Rebtel offers you free and unlimited calls to any US number or landline. The call recipient does not need an internet connection to take your call. You can use your phone number, or you may use a US number. Rebtel only uses a phone app but has no website app though you can keep track of your account on the website. 

FreedomPop (click here)

FreedomPop offers free local US numbers with free 200 minutes calls and 500 text messages. You can have unlimited texts and calls for $10.99 a month or approximately P570 a month. If you opt to go on a lower budget, you can have the $7.99 a month or P410 a month and get unlimited texts and 500 minutes of calls. FreedomPop has no desktop app and is for mobile app users only. 


When working as a Virtual Assistant, communication is essential to deliver messages and updates to your clients. That is why investing in an excellent app to communicate with your client is necessary to maintain good communication and exchange of ideas.

There are a lot of free messaging and calling apps that allow you to call and text in the US. You can either choose one of them depending on your choice and preference.

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