Are Filipinos Asian? Filipinos Origin Explained

There are a lot of countries that comprise the continents of Asia. One of those countries is the Philippines. It is an archipelago comprising more than 7000 islands. It is located in Southeast Asia in the Western Pacific Ocean. 

Considering the Philippines is located in SouthEast Asia, Filipinos are considered Asian. The majority of Filipinos ancestors are of Malay descent and came from the Southeast Asian mainland. Filipinos are of Asian descent; however, the Philippines were known as Pacific Islanders long ago. 

When the Americans arrived in the Philippines, they called the country the Philippine Islands of the Pacific. They described it as orphans of the Pacific since it is on the western part of the Pacific Ocean. They might refer to these names due to the geographical distance of the Philippines from mainland Asia. To furtherly understand the details about Filipinos as Asian, consider reading more pieces of information below. 

Why is the Philippines an Asian Country?

The Philippines is geographically located in the continent of Asia, which makes the Philippines Asia. The roots of Filipino origin come from Malayan descent and mainland Asia making it part of the Asian race. Also, the origin of the Filipino race is of Austronesian people who migrated from Taiwan during the Iron age. 

Aeta’s are the locals of the Philippines. They are Negritoes who came from the Andaman Islands and comprise 0.003% of the entire population. Andaman Island is located in Asia, which adds as proof that Filipinos are of Asian blood.

The Filipino people are of Asian blood, which traces even before the Spanish colonization. Filipinos are considered to have a Malay race which as they are native to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. Though the country is multi-racial, the origin of the Filipino race is primarily Asian. 

Is the Philippines a Part of Asia?

Officially the Philippines is a part of Asia, and the people residing there are considered Asians. The Philippines’ geographical location makes it a member of the Asian continent. The country is located in Southeast Asia, western to the Pacific Ocean, and bounded on the eastern rim of the Asiatic Mediterranean. 

Other than the countries, geographical location, the blood that runs in every Filipino is Asians. Filipino people are of Asian descent due to their Malayan race. Even before the Spanish Era, there were already mainland Asian traders who visited the Philippines. Moreover, the ancestors of Filipinos mainly come from mainland Asia. 

What Race are Filipinos?

Filipinos considered themselves as Malays since they believed to come from the Malayan race. The Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, is regarded as the “Pride of the Malayan Race.” Malays have played a vital role since the pre-Hispanic history in the Philippines.

The history of the Malayan Race dates back to the establishment of Rajahnates and the Islamic era in the country. Various sultanates and Islamic states were formed in Mindanao, Sulu Archipelago, and around Manila. Due to the religious history of the Malayan Archipelago, the country’s lingua franca is the Malay language before the Spanish rule.

What is the Philippines Known for in Asia?

The Philippines is known to be a large archipelago in Asia. It consists of more than 7,000 islands. Moreover, its beautiful beaches and delicious tropical fruits made it famous for tourists in Asa and worldwide. The hospitality of the Filipino people is also known to many; it keeps tourists returning to the country. 

What do other Asian Countries Think of the Philippines?

Many countries in Asia think of the Philippines as the Latin Americans of Asia. They think Filipinos are full of fun due to their frivolous party spirit. They often held large barrio fiestas, which were associated with their religious beliefs. Moreover, the country has a unique tradition blended between the East and West.

The country’s traditions, customs, and beliefs were highly influenced by Spanish and American colonization, making them adaptive to the western and eastern cultures. One of their influences in the country is the religious belief making the country the most prominent Catholic nation in Asia. 

Other than that, the elaborative fiestas and celebrations were influenced by Hispanic celebrations. This celebration involves large family gatherings, with close relationships to the extended families. Moreover, the language of the Philippines has a lot of loanwords from the Spanish language. 

The country’s lingua franca during the Spanish Era is Spanish. Nowadays, some places in the country still use a combination of Filipino and Spanish languages. This local dialect in the country is called Chavacano. Moreover, another local dialect still has a minor combination of Spanish words, making Filipinos understand Spanish terms. 

What makes the Philippines Unique in Asia?

Filipinos are unique in Asia due to their culture, customs, traditions, and way of living. Traditionally, Filipinos have the habit of respecting the elderly by kissing their hand while saying “Mano Po.” Filipinos are hospitable even to strangers and have a strong belief in their religion. 

In most conversations, Filipinos show respect by adding the word “Po.” In addition to that, Filipinos are family-oriented. They are supportive of their family members and will support and protect each other no matter what. It can’t be denied that Filipinos are proud of their co-Filipinos. As you can see in most talent shows, sports, and beauty contests, Filipinos unite to shout their support to the Filipino contestants. 

Filipinos are also unique as they love their grandparents. They will tend and take care of their grandparents personally. They don’t put their grandparents at Home for the Aged. Moreover, Filipinos love to entertain visitors and will always offer them the best that they can offer. They love to provide delicious foods and a nice place to stay for their visitors. Filipino people are unique in Asia since they provide the best in all aspects. 


Filipino people are considered Asian due to their geographical location and of Malayan descent. They are typically known as the American Latinos in Asia due to the American and Spanish influence. The country is also unique in Asia due to its love, support, and care for both co-Filipinos and others.

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