Cheap Virtual Assistants In The Philippines, Is It Worth It?

Many foreign employers outsource their virtual assistants in the Philippines since Filipinos’ salary is lower than native English speakers. Though Filipinos have a low salary rate, many employers hire them since they are competent, skilled, and can communicate well in English. Even if the salary rate is low, Filipinos will offer the same quality of service as other US employees.

Hiring a cheap virtual assistant is one of the best things to consider since their services are worth it. You are paying less, but they will return a good quality of service the same as other foreign employees. Filipinos are skilled, talented, educated, hard-working, and good at conversing English.

Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant will give an advantage to your end since you pay less for a good quality of service. You can save money to get a lot of it to other expenses and projects on your business. Hiring a Filipino Virtual assistant is a win-win thing. Filipino gets a good job while receiving the quality of service while paying less. I have gathered some details for you to read, check them below.

Quality of Services

Although Filipino Virtual Assistants are paid less than other countries, they offer quality services. As you might notice on OnlinJobsPh, so many job seekers posted their skills. Also, when they apply to be your virtual assistant, they will surely provide you with the necessary portfolios that will showcase the quality of services.

Moreover, Filipinos love their job because being virtual assistants provides them a good salary opportunity compared to the traditional office work in the Philippines. They will offer good quality of service since they do not want to lose their job. Filipino VA will do their best to impress their boss.

Competent Service

Filipino Virtual Assistant, that is why hiring them is worth it. They like to excel in being recognized in everything that they are doing. They will work hard to maintain their work and impress their boss. If they do not know a specific task, they will surely do their best in order o know about it and will practice more to master it.


Hiring a  Filipino virtual assistant is not only worth it but also cost-effective. You will gain the advantage of saving more if you hire Filipino Virtual assistants since their salary rate is lower than American employees. You can still allot what you have saved for your business. If you are currently saving money or on a tight budget, or just starting up with a company, hiring a Filipino VA will be one of the best choices. You can save money without compromising the quality of service.

Character Wise

One of the reasons hiring a Filipino VA is worth it is character-wise. One of the characteristics of Filipinos is looking into their boss. They respect their boss and will look up to them. That is why you can commonly hear a Filipino addressing their boss as “ma’am” or “sir.” That only means that they respect and look up to their boss.

Filipinos are also hospitable and respectful. They value culture and know how to adjust to other cultures since many cultures and races have influenced them. If you hire Filipino VA, you need not change with them since they know how to adjust for you. Filipino respects authority, and they will compromise instead of giving a confrontation. Though you pay cheap, it still benefits you.

Logical Choice

Hiring a Filipino VA is logical since it will bring you many advantages. Hiring a Filipino VA is an excellent choice if you are an owner or a medium or small-scale business. You save more money since they have a low salary rate, but you get the advantage of hiring a virtual assistant that speaks your language. Communication is more accessible, and they can catch up on instructions easily. The cost is cheap, so more savings for you. Moreover, you get a top-notch performance while saving. 

Non Confrontational

Filipinos are non confrontational in nature. They will compromise instead of having a confrontation. Filipinos are more of a “yes man  .”If the task is challenging, they will say yes to it, but they will work hard to finish it. It is not natural for them to ask questions and follow the instructions. 

They are not vocal about their opinions, but they offer enough attention to detail, allowing them to work efficiently. Hiring a Filipino will give you a nonconfrontational working environment while giving you the benefit of paying less.

Positive Disposition

Filipinos always look at the brighter side of things. If there is a problem in the working environment, Filipinos will initiatively look for resolutions. Filipinos manage to be joyful though issues at work may arise. 

They maintain a positive attitude towards work. You will not be bothered encountering queen bees or drama queens at work. The positive attitudes of Filipinosmight rub you off. Hiring Filipino VA’s is worth it; you pay less while reaping the benefit of having assistants that bring a brighter outlook in the work environment. 

No Beginners for Outsourcing

Filipinos are no beginners when it comes to outsourcing. Many Filipino professionals have experience working for offshore clients. Moreover, the outsourcing of virtual workers in the country is emerging. Thus you will encounter many skilled and well-experienced Filipino jobseekers. 

Also, there are so many Filipinos who have experience working abroad. They may have similar work as what you are offering virtually. Filipinos know precisely what it takes to work with a foreign client, who need not adjust to the business. Filipino knows how to handle the tasks assigned to them. Also, they know how to adjust to the time differences.


Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant will bring you many benefits and is considered a worth it choice. You can save money while hiring competent, skilled, hard-working, and trustworthy virtual assistants. Also, hiring is not only cost-effective but is also considered a logical choice. You hire someone with a low pay rate while giving you quality work. 

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