Disadvantages of Marrying a Filipina: All The Truth

A foreigner marrying a Filipina is no longer new. In fact, there are many foreigners who come to the Philippines to marry Filipina. Western men want to marry Filipino women and successfully do it; however, you shouldn’t jump into a relationship without a second thought. There are some things to know before marrying a Filipino woman.

Yes, several problems occur when marrying a Filipina, but the biggest one is not meeting the right woman. I don’t mean the perfect match, but falling in love and rushing to marry a Filipino woman with a troubled background. This may include cultural differences, language, and food.

By taking the time to read this whole article will instantly put you lightyears ahead of your competition. So, what are the possible Filipino wife dilemmas? Are there any issues or challenges you will have to face if choosing a local girl for a lifetime partner?

The Cultural Differences

According to some research, there are 60% of men cited cultural differences. We, Westerners, speak English, so we sometimes think it’s like dating an old white woman. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are also lots of things that Westerners do not understand. The number one is always about being absolutely loyal to the family. Filipinos are well aware that they will buy Red Horse (beer) and waste it elsewhere and will continue to send money to their families. The rest of these disadvantages are primarily cultural issues.

Exercise Is Somehow Not A Thing In The Philippines

It almost seems the less one has to move one’s body, the higher one’s social standing. The new generations of Filipino women are working in offices instead of farming, making exercise a must, not an option. And add to that their bad diet, it can become a serious health issue in old age. Again, if you’re health-conscious, you should consider helping your Filipino girlfriend visit the gym more frequently than not. You can also set rules with maybe rewards to secure she sticks to the habit.

If the gym is not your thing, go for long walks with her when shopping and leave your car at home. This will also help to overcome diabetes problems in old age as Filipino women have an absurd social notion that anything white is somehow superior: white bread, white rice, etc. Yup, making them eat a much healthier alternative such as brown rice or bread can be a real struggle.

The Language

In fact, dating a girl in Manila isn’t really a problem when it comes to communication. The majority of people within the country can speak at least basic English. Moreover, quite a few of them are absolutely fluent in it. It is considered an official language, along with an official language called Tagalog. Statistically, more than 90% of the population speaks Tagalog, and about 60% speaks English.

There are also about 200 different dialects used by the locals. However, it is quite possible that you will meet a girl who is fluent in English. However, you might also need to pay attention to the possible accents. She may also not understand some words or misunderstand what you are saying. In any case, the problem is quickly solved as she will learn a lot from talking or communicating with you.

Jealousy Factor

Anyway, you may already know that Filipinos tend to be as jealous as any other Asian woman. However, serious jealousy problems can lead to break-up or separation since divorce is not legal in the Philippines. However, there is also a form of annulment. So no one wants to be feeling guilty when they don’t do anything wrong.

Women who had previously failed relationships tend to be more jealous because they have been created in their previous relationships. So it is only natural that they lose faith in men and get distressed every time you step out of the door. The best way to avoid this bothersome is to meet younger women with little or no previous relationship. If they haven’t experienced pain from a cheater man before, they will not be scared you run away with another woman. So, before getting married, just make sure to spend enough time together with her to see if she suffers from jealousy syndrome. It is the only effective way to diagnose it!

The Iconic Tampo

A big contrast to some Western women is the idea of “tampo.” pagtatampo, otherwise known as the silent treatment, is a passive-aggressive punishment frequently used by Filipino women when they are offended. The time needed depends on your Filipino girlfriend. So, if you do something terrible that tricks her, it can be hours, days, or even months. During tampo, expect her to withhold everything, not to talk to you, or anything else to upset you all while declaring there is no problem when you ask her. It can be extremely frustrating, but you will just have to wait her out until she either discuss or let go of that problem with you.

Diet Is Rich in Salt, Fat & Sugar

If you think the average American diet is unhealthy, you should see what a Filipino woman loves to eat. This result in health concern such as high cholesterol, diabetes, chronic joint problems, and high blood pressure. It is a Filipino problem and a worldwide issue to eat crappy food good for nothing except that it will make you fat.

Generally, if you are into wellness or fitness, this could cause difficulty with most Filipino women. It seems that they are sexy and slim at a young age, but with age, they become unhealthy and heavier. The good thing is this can be solved in the early days of marriage by setting some healthy habits at the table. For instance, make sure to buy lots of fruits and vegetables instead of junk when going to the supermarket.

How To Successfully Marry A Filipino Woman 

If you are a foreign man who wants to have a solid and successful marriage in the Philippines, the following are tips to consider before tying the knot:

  • Being able to support her and your future family.
  • You are ready to live in the Philippines.
  • Do some research on the part of the Philippines your potential partner is from.
  • Questioning her motives if a Filipino woman tells you that she loves you within the first few meetings.
  • If you decide to bring a Filipino girlfriend back to your country, be cautious of who she socializes with.
  • Put a lot of time in getting to know her first – months or years, not weeks.
  • Try to find a Filipino girlfriend with a college degree and a steady job.

Final Thoughts | Conclusion

Filipina women are caring, loving, caring, devoted, and loyal, and you will not regret getting married to one. They know how to look after the house and ensure you get well fed while being excellent mothers if you intend to have kids. However, the chances are always in your favor because the majority of Filipino women seeking marriages are good women looking for a serious and steady relationship and enjoying a happy life with you.

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