Do I Have To Pay The 13th Month To a Filipino Virtual Assistants?

The freelancing industry in the Philippines is growing. These freelancing jobs like virtual assistants work at the comfort of their home, and they find this job an opportunity to earn money without leaving their house and going to offices. When working, most Filipinos look up to their 13th-month pay since that is the highlight and long wait for a bonus when “ber” months come.  However, there is a question if Filipino virtual assistants may have the 13th-month pay though their clients are abroad and not Filipinos.

Since freelancers’ clients are from abroad, Filipino freelancers or virtual assistants may not get their 13th-month pay since there is no employer-to-employee relationship between them and the client. However, some kind-hearted clients will offer 13th-month payments since most Filipinos look up to it since holidays. 

Giving Filipinos a 13-month pay is such a blessing. However, freelancing is considered an informal setup in a gig economy, and since it is an employer-employee setup, freelancers may not receive one. But if their clients extend the 13th month as a gift, Filipino freelancers will surely appreciate it. To get more details about the 13th month’s pay for Filipino freelancers, consider reading more below.

Are There Some Clients Who Give 13th Month Pay?

Some generous clients give 13th-month pay for their Filipino employers though it’s not mandatory. This 13th month’s payment is only out of the goodness of their heart or for a stellar of good performance or as a sign of thank you for a job well done. 

Filipinos are hardworking, and when they are paid nicely or receive a bonus, they make an extra effort. Whatever may be given, may it be 13th-month pay, or you may call it a year-end bonus; no matter what the amount is, Filipinos will be thankful so they may share their blessings with their families during the holiday seasons. 

If you are one of the lucky employees who receive a 13th-month pay or a Christmas bonus, you are one lucky person since not all have the job, and not all can receive a blessing. If you are a freelancer who could receive a bonus, you are considered lucky, just like other Filipino workers based in the Philippines who could receive their bonus. 

Should a Virtual Assistant ask for a 13th Month Pay from Their Client?

It is not appropriate to ask your client about the 13th month’s pay since all the benefits have been stated during the job offer. Moreover, some countries do not have the 13th-month pay tradition.  When entering freelancing work, note that you are not like a regular employee.

It is not wise to pressure your employees to give you 13th-month pay since the law mandates employers to provide 13th-month payment does not include them. Mentioning or asking about this to your client is unprofessional; you can do nothing if you want to have one. You have to patiently wait until your client voluntarily offers or gives you one. 

Don’t feel bad if you couldn’t receive a 13th-month pay, a year-end bonus, or a Christmas bonus. Remember that the freelancing business has many benefits compared to other traditional workers. 

How Are You Going to Compensate for Your Lack of 13th Month?

If you do not have a 13th-month pay, you need to save so you will have extra money by the end of the year. For Filipinos, the 13th month is significant since it is the end of the year, and Filipinos are very busy during the ber months, from September until December. 

Christmas and New Year are fast approaching; if you have a 13th-month pay, you have the money to spend on gifts and food for the celebration. Filipinos celebrate the most extended holidays since it ends until January. Also, Filipinos celebrate holidays in an elegant way; they cook a lot of food since that is the time for family gatherings and celebrations. If they have the 13th month’s pay, they will have enough money to celebrate and share gifts.

However, if you do not have a 13th-month pay but want something to look forward to by the end of the year, you have to save money. You can save a tiny portion of your salary each month, so when December comes, you have the money to spend. When you save enough, you can spoil yourself with gifts, and you may be able to give your loved ones some. 

If you want to include your friends in your saving activity, you can also ask them to join you. By the end of the year, you have something to look forward to together with your friends. In doing something such as a saving activity, sharing your happiness with others who can relate to you is more exciting as they too are excited to spoil themselves by what they save. 

Why do Filipino Virtual Assistants look Forward to a 13th month’s pay?

Filipino Virtual Assistants look forward to a 13th month’s salary since that is very common in the traditional work in the country. Filipino employees look forward to receiving double payment by the end of the year. They are too excited to buy new gifts and foods to share with their family. 

The 13th-month pay somewhat became a part of the Filipino tradition. The 13th-month payment is something that Filipinos look forward to. Moreover, some Filipino Virtual Assistants are breadwinners of their families, and if they can receive a 13th month’s pay, some of the pending bills of other expenses will be paid. 


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Though Foreign clients are not obligated to give a 13th-month pay for their Filipino Virtual Assistants, Filipinos will surely appreciate it much if they have provided one. The 13th month’s payment became a part of the Filipino tradition; this is something that many workers are looking forward to. For Filipinos, having a 13th month’s pay is a blessing since they will buy gifts and share foods for their family during the holiday seasons. 

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