Does Amazon Ship to the Philippines? 2022 Updated

Most people know in the Philippines know what Amazon is, and most people tend to order here for convenience and to avail materials that may not be available in their area. Filipinos are fond of balikbayan boxes coming from their family members that live in the US.

However, some Filipinos don’t have relatives in the US, but they want to purchase American products. In that case, they prefer to order on online sites like Amazon, but it is not as easy as it seems because the distance and shipping rates might cause much.

Though Amazon is US-based, it ships to different countries, including the Philippines. However, Amazon does not offer free shipping to the Philippines. The shipping rates of Amazon vary, with a regular charge of PHP 500, depending on the weight and number of your purchase.

Though Amazon ships to the Philippines, there are some cases where when you want to purchase valuable items like a camera, you will be routed with a message saying, “This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location.”

Amazon ships to the Philippines; however, they are selective regarding the items that can be shipped. If you are planning to order on Amazon to be shipped to the Philippines, I have some pieces of information to share; keep on reading.

How Long is Amazon Shipping in the Philippines?

When you order an item from Amazon to be shipped in the Philippines, the estimated arrival time ranges from 5- 7 days via Philpost. However, USPS is much more recommended since it is much faster and only takes 3- 4 days. Note that some items are not eligible to be shipped and delivered to the Philippines.

Global Shipments

There are a variety of shipping options that can be used for your purchase. The shipping amount depends on the location and the number of days that it will be delivered.

The standard shipping has an estimated arrival time of 18- 26 days, costing you $4.99 per shipment. When you choose expedited shipping, it will take 5-10 days per shipment, and it will cost you $13.99.

However, if you choose priority shipping, it will only 3-6 days, and the amount per shipment is $29.99. You can also check the Amazon Global Shipping Rates for detailed shipping information.

Third-Party Forwarding Service

Since some of the items from Amazon are not eligible to ship in the Philippines, some third-party forwarding services will allow you to buy items though you are from the Philippines.

The Third-Party Forwarding Service will provide the US address where your item will be shipped, and when the orders arrive at their warehouse, they will ship them to the Philippines.

However, please note that there will charge you an amount of money which means additional expense.

Shipping Cart

Shipping Cart is a well-known third-party forwarding service that allows you to order from US stores and ship to the Philippines.

You can use Shipping Cart when you order from Amazon. When using Shipping Cart, the estimated arrival time is ten days via air cargo and 45 days via sea cargo.

However, some customers had reported that some of their orders arrived within five days only.


If you doubt using a third-party forwarding service, you can never go wrong in choosing HopShopGo. Paypal owns this shipping service. Every transaction is protected under Paypal’s Buyer Protection, and they will provide a refund if the item does not arrive.

The estimated arrival time for items delivered under express shipping is 3- 4 days, with $18.80 for the first 0.5 kilograms and an additional $4.80 for additional 0.5 kilograms.

However, if you choose standard shipping, it will take 5- 8 days to arrive, and it will cost you $14 for the items weighing 0.5 kilograms and an additional $4 for additional 0.5 kilograms. 

The above-listed third-party forwarding services are only a few of the many. Their shipping rate varied, but the preference depends on you. The earlier it arrives, the more it is expensive.

If you want to buy an American item, it will cost you much from the shipping and the number of days of waiting. The lesser you wait, the more you pay.

Is There Amazon Prime in the Philippines?

Amazon Prime is available in the Philipines, and it is eligible for Globe users. Globe customers can access Amazon Prime Videos for six months with their postpaid plan for PHP 150 value per month.

Customers can now have unlimited streaming access to Amazon Prime’s award-winning original TV shows and movies. 

There are also some promotions of a seven-day trial period if you want to have Amazon Prime Videos; however, the subscription of Amazon Prime is 5.99 USD per month o approximately 305 PHP per month. Customers may watch the video on different platforms, including their smart TVs, Blu-ray discs, tablets, Ipads, etc.

Customers may also have the option to watch movies and videos offline since you may be allowed to download them and have access any time and anywhere.

One of the best things about Amazon Prime Video is that streaming can be allowed to 3 people from the same account. But take note that two users can stream the same movies on more than two devices.

Does Walmart Ship to the Philippines?

Walmart does not ship to the Philippines since you need to have a US address. However, you may still order using a reliable parcel forwarder. You will be using the warehouse address of the parcel forwarder, and they will be the ones to ship your products to the Philippines. 

You need to have an account with these parcel-forwarding companies so they can offer you service, and you need to pay them for doing so. You may now order any item you wish to order in Walmart because of these parcel forwarding services.


Amazon is widely known, and most Filipinos tend to order in Amazon, especially if they look for American products that are not available in the country. However, there are drawbacks to shopping on Amazon since not all products are eligible to ship in the Philippines. That is why most Filipinos will use third-party forwarding services to purchase in Amazon.

However, you must note that you will be paying an extra amount of money for the service. Shipping rates vary on the days for the items to arrive and their weight. Also, you can now watch various movie and video streamings on Amazon Prime since it is available in the Philippines. There are promotions on how you would likely watch streams on Amazon Prime. 

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