Don’t Date A Married Filipina! 8 Reasons Why

If you are with a woman in her 20’s, she may never have been married. You may do some checking and also ensure that she is still single or not dating anyone. If you are dating a woman in her 30’s or up, there is a better chance that she’s gotten hitched. This is obvious, right? Because she has spent more years than ever before.

There are many reasons why you should not date a married Filipina. These reasons include arguments, jealousy, and you might go to jail. Moreover, there will be problems regarding your differences in dating culture.

Moreover, she should become a suspicious woman as she gets older. To be 100% sure she has no husband anywhere, you should thoroughly research the woman you are dating since adultery is still being charged here. I am not even joking. To know more reasons why you should not date a married Filipina, check more details below.

Some Arguments Will Be Fierce

As any married man says, there will always be arguments. No matter how much you actually love and care for your wife and, of course, on how much she loves you as well, you’re eventually going to argue about stupid stuff. Things you never thought you’d ever argued about. in my own opinion, this is one of the cons or major disadvantages to dating a married Filipino woman. Not only are Filipino women extremely emotional, but they are also surprisingly good fighters. They are incredibly passionate, and they stand up for what they believe in.

The Dating Culture

This is absolutely different from what you might be used to. For instance, mind the PDA (Public displays of affection). It’s okay to touch each other, hug, hold hands, and even kiss sometimes. But clinging to each other or women sitting on their boyfriends’ laps are totally unacceptable, which may be not so glared upon in your country.

Sometimes, there are Filipino people who love to do scandal publicly; for instance, if you’re dating a married woman in the Philippines, there may be a possibility that her previous partner will attack you since she is still married legally. 

You will also have to learn to become more initiative. Marrying a Filipino woman, she will actually expect you to make the most important decisions and be a family provider. However, this is not always the case. Some women are becoming more Westernized and encourage equality in terms of relationships.

You Might Go To Jail

If you get caught dating or screwing a married Filipino woman, you will surely go to jail! It is possible that her husband will go to the barangay or police station to file a complaint. Yes, as I said above, It does not even matter if they have been separated for years. Once the woman’s husband files a complaint, the police will surely arrest you (a foreign man), and your Filipino girlfriend, who is the man’s wife, will put you both in jail. Again, that’s how it works here!

It’s All About the Money

A lot of people say when you marry a Filipino woman, you marry her whole family. One unpleasant surprise I have seen many guys have is while their wife or girlfriend never asks for money, her entire family is milking him dry. Let me just tell you that if her family is asking for too much, you need to put the brakes on that and do not tolerate it!

Trust me, if you don’t, they will never stop, nor will they see anything wrong with it. Whether or not her family will hit you up for money mostly depends on the family’s wealth. Obviously, the wealthier the family, the less likely they are to ask for you.

Divorce And Culture Of Marriage In The Philippines

Once a woman in the Philippines gets married, that’s usually it! She stays married forever. If the couple cannot get along, they just separate because it’s too much of a pain in the ass, and also, it’s also costly to go through the annulment process. That is what you need to remember. You must understand this idea because your freedom may depend on it.

Tons of Emotional Stress

Is it true that women are more emotional than men? Well, maybe it is. Uprooting her whole life to come live with you will really take a toll on her. Everything will be new and strange to her, especially when she was married to a Filipino partner before, and she will have a tough time dealing with it for the first several years.

However, I agree with this opinion about getting married and leaving a family to live with a man in a very new environment, and different country can be a very emotional experience. The best thing you can do about it is to be in her position and understand what she is doing to be with you.

You Will Be Marrying/Dating Her Family As Well 

Again, You have to understand that it is a very family-centered society. This means that families are united and very close, and marrying a Filipino woman means that you will be very close with her whole family as well. Whether you actually like it or not. Some people hate the idea of regular family gatherings, right? And the constant communication with them. So, let me ask you, Are you the type of person who enjoys spending your evenings and weekends with your wife’s family?

Don’t Play The Stupid Game

So, the entire moral of the story here is to NEVER date a married Filipino woman. In my own opinion, that is somehow being stupid anyway because there are tons of beautiful single Filipino women to choose from! So, if you get caught with a married woman in the Philippines, you’ve got to be the dullest man in the history of men. It’s actually a warning, my friend.

Final Thoughts | Conclusion

No. I’m not trying to stop you from marrying the love of your life. But, yes, let us not deny that marrying a Filipino woman has some real drawbacks, but they are not something you cannot overcome by approaching them with a little care and thought. You both need to be on the same boat before going into the marriage, feeling and knowing about what is going to happen in the long run. If you don’t, I swear it’s never going to work. Overall, everyone is different. No one place or lifestyle is right for everyone. Right? Only the person can weigh the pros and cons of every situation and conclusively decide what is best for them according to their needs and values.

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