Exploring Luzon: In-Depth Tour Like a Local

The Philippines has so many islands that will make you in awe of the marvelous places it has to offer. Most of the best places to visit in The Philippines can be seen in Luzon. There is so much more Luzon has to offer to the visitors and its locals. 

Suppose you are planning to go to the Philippines. In that case, Luzon has so many beautiful places that you can wander, including Minesview Park, Sagada, Anawangin Cove, Vigan, Intramuros, Banaue Rice Terraces, Kayangan Lake, and many more.

You can visit various places, ranging from breathtaking natural views, man-made wonders followed by extreme adventures. 

Luzon will offer you beautiful places and tasty delicacies, and Filipino cuisine, which will make you come back to the country repeatedly. It can’t be denied that Luzon is considered the fourth most populous island in the world since this is the home of the nation’s capital, Manila.

Luzon has a lot of major airports and homes major economic hubs. You need to know so many things about Luzon; take some more readings in this article to be enlightened.

Where Is Luzon Located in the Philippines?

The island of Luzon is located in the Western Pacific Ocean and is considered the largest island in the Philippines. Luzon is situated in the Northern part of the archipelago, mainly the country’s most populated area, and is considered the political and economic center.

Luzon is one of the Three Primary island groups in the Philippines, and it is situated in the upper part of the country, followed by Visayas and Mindanao.

How to Get to Luzon?

There are so many ways to get to Luzon; You can go there by air, sea and land travel, it depends where you are from.

If you come from other countries, Luzon has four international airports. There are also various domestic airports in Luzon for locals coming from Visayas and Mindanao. 

Some may prefer sea travel since it is much cheaper, especially those from other provinces. When it comes to local transportations there is fixed jeepney fare, it is much cheaper than a taxi, but you need to be familiar with the jeepney’s route, or else you’ll get lost.

It is better to use a taxi though it might be a little bit expensive. There are also tricycles and pedicabs for minor road routes where you can hop in. They also have fixed rates, but it depends on you if you would like to rent them.

What to See in Luzon?

Luzon has so much to offer; from Batanes down to Palawan, your eyes will dazzle with marvel as you wander in various places.

There are numerous places to visit in Luzon; however, I will share the top 5 best destinations in the region. This includes the following:

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces is located at Banaue, Luzon, Philippines, categorized as one of the 8th Wonders of the World. These marvellous terraces were 2000 years old created by the ancestors of Ifugao. These terraces are man-made and carefully carved by Ifugao ancestors, using minimal tools and equipment. 

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River is located in Puerto Princesa Palawan. You will be in awe as you visit this place since it is one of the longest underground rivers in the world. Inside the cave, you will see different rock formations that were formed over time. In 1999, it was considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its pristine natural beauty and impressive cave system.


Travelling to Vigan is like travelling back in time. You will be amazed by the fancy historical setting of the place. When you visit the place, it seems as you travel back in time because of its preserved Spanish Colonial towns. Aside from the tourist spots in Northern Luzon, you will be captured by the place’s rich historical and cultural identity.

In Vigan, you will be able to visit the heritage houses, ride the kalesa, walk in cobblestone streets, visit historical attractions and eat delicious cuisine. 

Racuh A Payaman

Racuh A Payaman will bring you to a new realm of beautiful scenery. This place is considered a paradise due to its breathtaking scenery, rolling hills, and knolls carpeted green grasses.

When you are in Racuh A Payaman, you will also see the views of Mt. Iraya, Diura Beach, Tayid Lighthouse, and the Pacific Ocean. It can’t be denied that Racuh A Payaman is one of the best places to visit in Batanes.

Big Lagoon at Small Lagoon

Big Lagoon at Small Lagoon is located at El Nido Palawan.

If you wish to have a water adventure, this place is definitely for you. You can do various water activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, or swimming while enjoying the majestic view of the place.

The lagoons are surrounded by breathtaking limestone cliffs highlighted with clear waters that will make you enjoy your snorkelling and swimming adventure.

Why Luzon is Worth A Visit?

Luzon is ideal to be visited due to its various spots to be discovered and enjoyed. There are wide ranges of tourist spots that you can visit, ranging from man-made and natural places.

You can go on different adventures, including island hopping water adventures, mountain climbing, or simply wandering around the location.

There are various world-class delicacies that it has to offer. Aside from that, there is easy access to transportations and hotel accommodations in the area.

What to Be Aware of in Visiting Luzon?

There is less to be aware of in visiting Luzon since most areas are populated, and there is good access to food, transportation, and accommodation.

However, it is best to be careful in highly urbanized places since pickpockets, snatchers, and thieves are everywhere.

Also, you should be familiar with the place, especially the pay rates in food, transportation, and accommodations, so some locals won’t easily deceive you by asking you more than the standard rates. 


Luzon has a lot of beautiful places and delicious foods to offer. The region will cater to you with good places and food, making you awe of their rich culture, history, and tradition.

It is easy to go to Luzon since that is the center of the political and economic hub of the country. There is easy access to food, transportations, and accommodations. 

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