Full Guide On How To Find A Trustworthy Filipino Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of talented Filipino virtual assistants who seek to find a job. You will encounter no problem looking for one since many Filipinos want the job. The only thing you need to consider is what platform you will post your job offer wherein you can find a reliable, talented, and skilled virtual assistant. In doing so, there are some things that you also need to consider.

In finding a virtual assistant, you need to consider a few things:

  1. Know whether you need one.
  2. Find a virtual assistant in virtual assistant agencies, a freelance marketplace.
  3. Be transparent with the job offer.

These steps are essential in ensuring that you can find the best fit for the job. 

In finding a virtual assistant, you need to assess whether you need one or how many you need. Also, it would be best if you see safe places to find a skilled and legit virtual assistant on many job-seeking platforms. If you want to learn more about hiring a virtual assistant, please read more details below. 

Know Whether You Need a Virtual Assistant.

Before finding a virtual assistant, you just need to assess yourself first, whether you need one or how many do you need. This makes it easy for you to look at the numbers and the prospects in looking for one. Also, you need to look for the signs that make you think you need to start hiring a virtual assistant.

  1.  You are working long hours regularly.

Suppose you have noticed that you are working more than the regular hours of your work. In that case, you may need a virtual assistant also if you have seen that you are doing repetitive tasks like replying to social media comments in customer service emails. This does not imply only a bad, tiring, and hectic week. What is meant by this is the pattern of workloads that continuously happens for weeks. 

  1.  You lose customers due to a lack of workforce in responding to their needs

If you have noticed that you can no longer cater to the needs and requests of your customers then, you will be needing a Virtual Assistant. Losing a client is very alarming in a business. 

  1.  Your time is spent on low-value tasks 

If you would want your company to grow, you must spend your time adding high value. If you have noticed that most of your time is given to low-value tasks that someone can do, you may need a VA. They will be the ones to do it while you are managing your business to keep it more productive. 

Find a Virtual Assistant in Agencies and Marketplaces.

Since you already know that you need a virtual assistant and how many you will need, it is time for you to look for one. Finding a virtual assistant is helpful, and best to look for reliable and trustworthy agencies and marketplaces. To do that, some guidelines must be followed to get you started.

Where to Find A Virtual Assistant

It would help if you asked a network for referrals in finding a virtual assistant. Many employers would find virtual assistants in Upwork, LinkedIn, OnlineJobsPH, and other job-seeking platforms. Using these marketplace, sites, and platforms will make it easier for you to find a skilled and reliable virtual assistant that will help you with your business.

In posting your job offers to any platform, assigning the task intended to be done and the qualifications you need to find a quality VA is best. The more specific you are in what you are looking for, the more you will find the right virtual assistant you need. 

Use a Virtual Assistant Services

Some agencies could help you find the virtual assistant you need through virtual assistant services. You need not outsource or find the Virtual assistant you need by yourself. Instead, they will be the ones to do it for you. This is beneficial on your part since you can save time. However, there are downsides to this since you can get less likely to get someone specializing in the specific type of business model or industry. 

Use Freelance Market Places

You can also find the virtual assistant you need by posting job offers on marketplaces. You can post the test intended to be done, and people will respond o your post to willingly accept the offer or ask to be hired. By using marketplaces, you can hire a qualified contractor.

Though finding a virtual assistant in a marketplace benefits you, it also comes with a downside. There will be many bids, or there will be a huge number of applications, and not all are qualified and not so great. Also, you will be forced to use the marketplace’s messaging system and billing tools since contractors may be penalized for moving outside of the built-in system. 

Provide a Transparent Workload and Pay Rate for Your Virtual Assistant

After you have hired a virtual assistant, you need to be transparent with everything they need to do. Make sure to be clear with your instructions and their salary must be on time. Your virtual assistants must be all informed regarding what they need to get the job done. 

When it comes to the pay rate of the virtual assistant, you need to consider the type of work that they will be doing. Also, the pay rate also varies depending on the speed of work. Some virtual assistants are fast in working, and some are slow. If possible, it is best to pay your virtual assistant per project since quick workers will benefit, and you will know what it will cost you. 


Hiring a virtual assistant is not as easy as it seems. It will help if you consider things first before hiring one. The first thing you need to identify is if you need one, what you are looking and how many you are looking for. Also, you must know where you are searching. You need to find a reliable source like a trustworthy marketplace. Lastly, it would help if you were transparent regarding your employee’s salaries and workloads. 

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