“Happy Birthday” In Tagalog And Other Filipino Dialects

No one celebrates like Filipinos; as you might know, Filipinos have the most extended holidays. Birthdays are among the most celebrated events for many, especially Filipinos, since this is a celebration for added years in life. Filipinos love to greet the birthday celebrant as a simple way of wishing the person well. 

Happy Birthday can be said in many ways; it can be “Maligayang Kaarawan” or “Maligayang Bati.” Filipino celebrate Birthday each year, but there are four milestones that Filipinos celebrate. They are the first Birthday, seventh, 18th Birthday for girls or what is commonly called the debut, and 21st Birthday  for boys. 

Filipinos love celebration since it is their way of thanksgiving and sharing their blessings. Aside from fiestas, birthdays are one of the most celebrated occasions. Filipino parents tend to throw a party for their kids, especially if they are celebrating their milestones. To know more about greeting your Filipino friend a Happy Birthday in Tagalog, read more below.

Ways in Saying Happy Birthday in Tagalog

1. Maligayang kaarawan!

Maligayang kaarawan is the formal way of saying Happy Birthday in the Philippines. However, it might sound outdated, so many prefer saying Happy Birthday. 

2. Maligayang Bati!

Another way of saying Happy Birthday in Tagalog is Maligayang Bati. Though, the translation of the phrase is Happy Greeting. Filipino tend to use this phrase to greet the birthday celebrant. There is one famous Filipino  song, “Maligayang Bati,” with the same tune as the traditional Happy Birthday Song.

3. Maligayang kaarawan ng pagsilang!

“Maligayang kaarawan ng pagsilang!” means Happy birthday! This greeting is somewhat a traditional way of saying Happy Birthday to a celebrant. However, you can write this phrase on a birthday card.

4. Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan!

 Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan! is a formal way of saying Happy wishes on your birthday! This greeting is rarely spoken since it is very formal but can be well appreciated by the celebrant. You can say this greeting in an event if you are greeting a person in the crowd. 

5. Maligayang kaarawan sa iyo!

“Maligayang kaarawan sa iyo!” is translated as Happy birthday to you! It is a formal way of saying Happy Birthday. Though formal, this greeting is typically used by some in greeting the celebrant. Others tend to write this on a card or a greeting on top of the cake.

Traditional Happy Birthday Song in Filipino and English

Tagalog Song

Maligayang Bati

Maligayang bati

Maligayang bati

Maligayang, maligayang

Maligayang bati

English Song

Happy Birthday 

Happy birthday to you  

Happy birthday to you      

Happy birthday, happy birthday   

Happy birthday to you

Informal Happy Birthday Song in Filipino and English

Hapi Bertday by Beerhouse Gang

Hapi hapi hapi bertdey 

Sa ’yo ang pulutan 

Sa ’yo ang inumin 

Hapi hapi hapi bertdey 

Sana’y malasing mo kami! 

Sana’y mabusog mo kami!

English Translation

Happy Happy Happy Birthday

The snacks are on you

The drinks are on you

Happy Happy Happy Birthday

Hoping you can get us drunk

Hoping you can make us full

Why do Filipinos have the most epic celebrations?

No R.S.V.P.

Everyone is welcome; there is no RSVP. The neighbors of the celebrant tend to come along the house with their family, no headcount. Filipinos invite everyone because Filipinos recognize extended families. No matter how distant the blood ties are, every family and friend close to them is invited


Filipinos love to sing karaoke. On every occasion, karaoke can’t go missing. Whether you have a singing voice or sound like a horse, everyone sings as long as they are having fun.

The Cake

Cakes are the centerpiece in every celebration. Unlike other cultures, the cake is the last to be eaten. If you are a visitor, do not touch the cake unless the celebrant cuts it first.


While another culture has a buffet, Filipinos put their dishes in potluck. However, nowadays, not all Filipino households use this due to other cultural influences. But the traditional Filipino families put their words in potluck during celebrations.

Long Noodles

Long noodles in the Philippines include pancit and Spaghetti. Long noodles mean long life, and in every birthday celebration, this can never go missing. Also, Filipinos have their version of sweet-style Spaghetti.

Left Overs

You don’t need to worry about any leftovers in your celebration since Filipino celebrants tend to give some to their visitors for later consumption. Though Filipinos have many foods to cater to at once, there will be leftovers for their visitors.


Lechon is one of the highlights of every birthday. A birthday is a little bit extra if Lechon is catered. However, in the country, those who are well off can only afford this. 

Ways on How to Say Happy Birthday In Different Dialects

DialectHow To Say It
English Happy Birthday
Aklanon or AklanMayad nga kaadlawan.
Asi or BantoanonMalipayon nga kaadlawan.
BatanguenoMaligayang kaarawan.
Binol-anon or Boholano CebuanoMalipayong Adlawng Natawhan
Botolan Maabig a yabi
Butuanon Malipayon nga Adlaw nga Natawhan.
Bicolano Maogmang  pangkamundag!
Albay Bikol or AlbayanonMaogmang  pangkamundag!
Central Bikol or Bikol NagaMaogmang  pangkamundag!
Rinconada Bikol Maogmang  pangkamundag!
Pandan BikolMaogmang  pangkamundag!
Capiznon Malipayon nga kaadlawan
Cebuano or BisayaMalipayong adlawng natawhan.
Chavacano Feliz cumpleanos.
Cuyonon Malipayeng kinabata!Malipayeng adlaw imong kinataho!
Filipino MuslimEyd Mawlid Saeid
GaddangMaka yoan ka?
Ilokano Naragsak a panagkasangay.Naragsak a kasangay.
Hiligaynon or IlonggoMalipayon nga kaadlawan!Maayong kina adlawan sa imo!Handom ko lang sa imo mangin malipayon ka subong sa kinaadlawan mo!
Kapampangan or PampangoMasayang Kebaitan queca!Naragsak a panagsangay!
Karay-a or Kinaray-aMasadya nga kinaadlawan.
Masbateño Malipayon nga kaadlawan.
Pangasinan Maligayan kaarawan ed sikayo.Bali balin Kaarawan ed sika.
PangalatokMaligayan kaarawan ed sikayo.Bali balin Kaarawan ed sika.
Romblomanon Malipayon nga kaadlawan!
Sambal or SambaliMaligan capanganacan!
SorsoganonMaugmang compleano!Maugmang kaadlawan!
Sinama or Sama Maligan capanganacan.
SurigaononMarajaw na kaadlawan.
Español or SpanishFeliz cumpleanos
Surigaonon Marajaw na kaadlawan.
Sorsoganon Maogmang  pangkamundag!
Filipino or Tagalog Maligayang bati!Maligayang kaarawan!Maligayang araw ng kapanganakan!
Waray Malipayon nga pagsalin-urog han imo adlaw nga natawhan!Malipayon nga pagsalin-urog sa imo adlaw nga natawhan.


No one celebrates like Filipinos, especially during birthdays. They tend to greet the celebrant with Maligayang kaarawan, and the greeting comes with a celebration gift. All the family members and friends are invited. There are many dialects in the country, and greeting someone with a Happy Birthday can be said differently. 

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