How To Hire A Filipino Virtual Assistant: Complete Guide

Hiring a Virtual assistant needs not be taken for granted since the person you will hire will significantly contribute to your company or business. Since there are so many skilled Filipino virtual assistants, you will have no problem finding them here in the Philippines. However, in looking for one, you need to consider things so you can find the one that is fitted to the needs of your company and someone that can help you.

In hiring a virtual assistant, you need to do the following steps. It would be best if you decide what is to be done by your VA, consider your budget, create a training program, look for a virtual assistant, make a jib post, interview the candidate, make a short test, do a trial run, set expectations, and adapt your approach.

You will ensure that you are doing the right thing to effectively hire the right virtual assistant that will become an asset to your business or company by doing the steps mentioned. Asl, following the steps will keep you away from the hassle of hiring an unqualified Virtual assistant. To know more about hiring a virtual assistant, read more details below.

Step 1 Identify and Decide the Task of Your Virtual Assistant.

There are different types of virtual assistants. They do have a lot of tasks to do, including data entry, calendar management, social media management, bookkeeping, research, correspondence, and a lot more. Regarding this, you need to know and identify what your virtual assistants will do, or else it will be unlikely for you to look the perfect fit for the job. 

There is a general virtual assistant and a specialized virtual assistant. If you want a VA to keep you organized or and someone that will meet your needs, then a general virtual assistant is what you need. If you wish to support a particular task, you may hire a specialized virtual assistant. If you still do not know what you need, you can observe yourself for a couple of weeks and make notes of everything you do. Then reflect on what work you are having a hard time with, which will give you a hint of what virtual assistants you need and what they are intended to do.

Step 2 Check your Budget

If you have already identified the task intended to be done by the potential virtual assistant, you need a lot of budget for that. Note that the more a load of works is, the more it is expensive. That is why it is best that you already have a lot of budget. To assign the task, you may need to know how much a virtual assistant may cost.

Step 3 Make a Training Program

Training depends on the task that your virtual assistant will do. There must be a series of training to help you prospect virtual assistant has a series of processes to complete work your standards. You may give it via file document or video to show the work procedure. If your previous assistant leaves the job, the new one will be able to pick up the work once they have the training program.

Step 4 Look for Virtual Assistant

You may look for a virtual assistant on many platforms, but one of the best recommended is OnlineJobsPH. This platform will give you a variety of qualified and skilled virtual assistants that will surely cater to your needs. You can write a job post or contact a virtual assistant registered on the platform. 

Step 5 Write A Job Post

You may now write a job post in OnlineJobsPh stating the job description and the salary intended to be paid for the task required. You need to explain the job offer clearly and the specific task that needs to be done. There must be a direct job offer to understand you and the virtual assistant well. 

Posting the qualifications of the virtual assistant that you are looking for prevents you from wasting your time on unqualified applicants. Also, you need to include the number of hours that the VA will work because there is some virtual assistant who has a job in small businesses, and they need to know whether they have enough time for the job.

Step 6 Interview your Applicants.

Interviewing your applicants is essential to get to know more about your applicant. You may interview phone calls or video chats. You may serve as the candidate a few simple questions. 

Step 7 Make A Short Test

You may give your prospect virtual assistant a short test to check their skills. Do not make it long; keep it short, so it will not appear as if you are only looking for free work. The test should involve indulging their skills, attention to small things, and ability to comprehend and follow instructions. 

Note that the test is intended only for general virtual assistants. So if you are looking for a specialized virtual assistant, you may need to look for their previous work or portfolio to get to know or check their test. 

Step 8 Do a Trial Run

Sometimes giving an interview or giving them a test does not reflect their capacity not unless they are already doing the task assigned to them. That is why you can do a trial run. You may observe your newly hired virtual assistant for 30 to 60 days. A trial run will make you decide whether you will employ your VA for long-term work. 

Step 9 Set Reasonable Expectation

You need to set expectations for your virtual assistants so that they too may know what you expect them to do. It is essential to understand how to set realistic expectations. You may tell your virtual assistant about the improvements you want to see in their work until they perfect it.

Step 10 Adapt to your Approach

You need to adapt to your approach. These include considering the instructions you are providing to your VA. State the expectations, workload, and the time frame of the task. You must also have good communication as it plays a vital role in the task’s success. 


Hiring a virtual assistant to help you is not as easy as it seems. You need to consider many factors and steps to find a perfect one suited for the job. Also, to find the virtual assistant that will surely help you, you need to pay attention to the steps provided. 

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