The Best Ways To Pay Virtual Assistant From The Philippines

The number of online freelancers in the Philippines is growing fast. Also, many clients are hiring Filipinos since they are competent and the pay rate is low compared to other countries. If you are an employer, you can guarantee that the Virtual Assistants you hire will offer you excellent service, but you won’t pay much. The pay rate of Virtual Assistant ranges only from $3 to $7, but it may go higher.

When it comes to the payment system, it is easy. You can send the money using a direct bank transfer. You can also use PayPal or Payoneer. Also, there are other alternatives if Paypal or Payoneer did not work for you and your employee. You can use Skrill, Remily, and Ria Money Transfer.

Both you and your employee must discuss the payment details and options before you get to start them working to avoid hassles and misconceptions. There are many different payment options that you can choose based on your convenience and your employee’s convenience. To get into details about the payment method, please read more below. 


OnlineJobsPh offers very safe payment services, including EasyPay.You can create invoices and send your employee’s salaries on OnlineJobsPh through Easy Pay. The use of Easy Pay makes it easy to pay all your workers, including your Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. Easy pay is the easiest and a reliable way of paying and getting paid in the Philippines.

OnlineJobsPh offers EasyPay for free. There are no overhead fees and a cut of payments sent to workers. You can still use EasyPay to pay your virtual assistants though you cancel your OnlineJobsPh monthly subscription.

Direct Bank Transfer

Direct bank transfer is one of the most common options in sending money to your Virtual Assistants in the Philippines. As the name implies, you will only need to ask for your Virtual Assistant’s Bank account. You will also need to ask for their bank codes, name, and account number.

Some banks offer overseas transfers. If you may have been enrolled in online banking, you need to check an available option to send money to someone overseas. Just be aware that there are some bank transaction charges. 


OnlineJobsPh and Payoneer have collaborated to make an easy and fast salary transfer from employer to employee. Payoneer is one of the best alternatives when paying your Filipino Virtual Assistants. Payoneer offers good payment opportunities both for you and your Virtual Assistant. The payment system of Payoneer varies depending on the recipients of the country. You can also choose who will shoulder the transaction fee. 

The only drawback of using Payoneer is a minimum withdrawal amount of $50. However, Filipinos can withdraw lower than that if they link their Gcash with their Payoneer. They can cash in using Payoneer to their Gcash so that even if their Payoneer has less than $50, they can still withdraw the money. Paying your employees using Payoneer through OnlineJobsPh gives you the benefit of lower transaction rates while giving you fast payment processing times.


One of the best options to send a salary to your virtual assistants from OnlineJobsPh is through Paypal. Many business owners have a Paypal account, especially for e-commerce businesses. That is why you will not have a hard time sending money to your Virtual Assistants using Paypal. Many Filipino Freelancers use Paypal, so I could say it’s a win-win for all.

However, there might be some cons when it comes to the part of Virtual Assistants. Some clients shoulder the transaction fees to their Virtual Assistants. Also, Paypal takes transaction fee charges if they transfer from Paypal to a bank account. 


Skrill is also one of the options in sending payments to Filipino Virtual Assistant. Skrill was firstly introduced in 2001 wherein it offers a range of online payment and online transfer services. Skrill makes it easy and quick to transfer online payment transactions to your employees. 

The good thing about Skrill is that they operate in 120 countries and have digital wallets offered in different countries. So wherever you are, you can just easily send payment to your Filipino Virtual Assistants. 


Remitly is one of the digital remittance services that allows you to have a faster, affordable, and more transparent money transfer. Since Remitly is in digital service, without a physical location, they were able to keep their charges low, which benefits you. 

The services of Remitly allow you to send money abroad without hustles. You need not worry whether to trust this company since they have already established a name and guaranteed that they are trustworthy and will offer you a secure money transfer. 

There are different ways your Virtual assistants can withdraw money from Remitly. They can receive it through bank transfers from Remitly straight to their bank account. They can also use cash pick-up if they do not have bank accounts. Also, they are mobile money and home delivery. 

Ria Money Transfer

One of the subsidiaries of Euronet Worldwide is Ria Money Transfer. Ria Money Transfer specializes in money remittances. Suppose you have Virtual Assistants in the Philippines.

In that case, you can send them your VA’s with the money transfer details, including transaction codes and pins and the Virtual Assistant’s contact details. Once the code has been sent, your Virtual Assistant may not visit a UBA branch and fill in a Receive Money Form at the counter. 

Western Union

Western Union has been a financial service company since 1851; there are so many Western Union in the Philippines. If some of the stated payment options are inconvenient to you and your Virtual Assistant, you may be able to use Western Union.

The transfer is effortless; you have to go to a local Western Union near you. Then you need to provide your ID card to the agents and the transaction details. You will pay by cash and pay the transfer fee. Then you will need to give the Money Transfer Control Number to your virtual assistant to receive the money. 

Transfer Wise

You can also send salary to your Filipino virtual assistants using Wise Transfer. Transferwise is one of the cheap and reliable ways of sending money to the Philippines. Also, one of the good things to consider using Wise is that it transfers fast. 

Wise transfer is also reliable and very safe to use. Wise Transfer is unique because it provides you with a transparent fee structure. Being transparent allows you to understand how the transaction is done and how much transfer fees will cost you.


If you have a virtual assistant in the Philippines and are looking for some alternative that you can pay for, you can consider various money transfer systems. Most of the payment methods used by Filipinos are direct bank transfer, Paypal, Payoneer, Western Union, Ria Money Transfer. Skrill, and Remitly. You can choose which is convenient for you and your virtual assistant. 

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