How To Say “Beautiful” In Tagalog And Other Filipino Dialects

You may notice that in many international pageants, Filipinos always won, or though they may not win, their beauty always stands out. Filipinos are beautiful not only on the outside but also on the inside. The country has a rich culture that hones Filipinos with beautiful personalities.

When speaking to a Filipino, you can tell “Maganda” to compliment them on being beautiful. Moreover, more words can be used when describing beauty in Filipino. You can call them marikit, matilag, kaibig-ibig, nakakabighani or nakakahalina. There are also other terms for beautiful when translated to the local Filipino dialects.

If you want to travel to the Philippines or have a Filipino friend, telling them maganda will be well appreciated. Filipinos love compliments and telling them that word boosts their confidence about their appearance. If you want to know more about saying beautiful things in Filipino, I have gathered details for you below.

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When you say ganda, that means beauty. Filipinos also use ganda as a compliment to a person with a beautiful face or anything beautiful.

Describing a Person

Ang ganda mo naman.

You are beautiful

Describing a Place

Ang ganda ng tanawin.

The view is beautiful.


Maganda means beautiful, pretty, or cute. You can use this to describe someone, a place, or something.

Describing a Person

Maganda at matalino na bata si Anna.

Anna is beautiful and intelligent.

Describing a Place

Maganda ang paligid ang napaka tahimik.

The place is beautiful and peaceful.

Describing a work

Maganda ang pagkakagawa mo ng proyekto natin.

The way you work on our project is beautiful.


Marikit is not commonly used to describe beautifully, but this word is used in old stories, novels, and books. You can also hear this word used by older adults or old films. You can use this word when describing a beautiful lady. Marikit means beautiful, gorgeous, or lovely. 

Si Anna ay marikit at tunay na kahanga hanga.

Anna is gorgeous and fabulous.


Marilag is a deep Filipino word and is not commonly used in describing something beautiful. It is a formal word describing something beautiful. You can only encounter this word when talking to older people or in old books. However, it would be extraordinary to say this to a person as it is uncommonly used nowadays.

Siya ay marilag kaya’t marami ang nag kakagusto sa kanya.

She is beautiful; that is why many like her. 


Kaibig-ibig means loveable. You can say this one to a person that you like.  This word came from the root word ibig that means love. SO if you are courting someone and want to give her a hint, you can tell her that she is kaibig-ibig.


Kaakit-akit means attractive or enchanting. This word is usually associated with a woman who has an extreme beauty that hooks many. This word is used to describe the appearance of the movement of someone.

Describing a Person

Kaakit-akit and angking kagandahan ni Anna.

Anna’s beauty is enchanting.

Describing Movements

Kaakit-akit ang kanyang ngiti.

Her smile is enchanting.


Nakakabighani means bewitching beauty, fascinating or captivating. You can use the nakakabighani word to describe someone’s extreme beauty that hooks you.  You can also use nakakabighani to describe the beautiful work of someone.

Describing a person

Nakakabighani ang kanyang mga tingin at galaw.

Her looks and movements are bewitching.

Describing a work

Nakakabighani ang gawang sining ni John.

John’s artwork is fascinating.

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Maganda ka

Maganda ka is a phrase that is used to compliment a beautiful woman. The exact translation of this phrase is “You are beautiful.”

Maganda ka, Anna.

Anna, you are beautiful.

Napakaganda mo

Napakaganda mo means “You are very beautiful.” You can use Napakaganda mo if you want to showcase strong admiration for the beauty of a person.

Napakaganda mo Anna.

Anna, you are very beautiful

Labis and iyong ganda

Labis ang iyong ganda is also an extreme admiration for the beauty of the person. Labis ang iyong ganda means “You are too beautiful.”

Anna, labis ng iyong ganda.

You are too beautiful, Anna.

Ikaw ang pinakamaganda

Saying “Ikaw ang pinakamaganda” is like saying you are the fairest of them all. This phrase is the superlative comparison of describing a beautiful person. This phrase describes a specific person that she is the most beautiful of all.

Anna ikaw ang pinakamaganda sa buong klase.

Anna, you are the most beautiful inside the classroom.

Ako ang pinakamaganda

” Ako ang pinakamaganda” is translated as I am the most beautiful. It is a self-praised phrase about giving a compliment to yourself. You are comparing yourself to others, and your verdict is that you are the most beautiful.

Ako ang pinakamaganda sa lugar na ito.

I am the most beautiful in this place.

Maganda siya

Maganda siya men’s she is beautiful. You can use maganda siya to describe the beauty of someone.

Maganda siya, di ba?

She is beautiful, right?

Maganda ako

Maganda ako means I am beautiful. You are describing your beautiful appearance.

Huwag mo akong kutyain dahil maganda ako.

Please don’t mock me; I am beautiful.

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Maganda ba ako?

“Maganda ba ako?” is a question for oneself. You are questioning if you are beautiful.

Sabihin mo sa akin, maganda ba ako?

Tell me, am I beautiful?

Maganda ka ba?

“Maganda ka ba” is a question for someone if she thinks she is beautiful. This question is not well asked as it may sound sarcastic.

Ang yabang mo naman, maganda ka ba?

You are so boastful, are you pretty?

Maganda ba siya?

“Maganda ba siya?” is a question a person asks if they believe that someone is beautiful. You can ask someone who knows the person you are referring to if you haven’t seen that person yet. 

John, kilala mo ba  Juana? Maganda ba siya?

John, do you know who Juana is? Is she beautiful?


There are many ways to say beautiful in Filipino. The word can be used in describing a person, a place, or a thing. Complimenting someone with the word beautiful is well appreciated, especially by Filipino people. They would think that you are polite and appreciative.

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