Is Bruno Mars Really Filipino? Mystery Solved

Bruno Mars is a well-known artist. There are a lot of people who like to listen to his music. Many of those who are fans of him are very curious about him. Many would search for specific details since they want to know him more. You are maybe one of his fans who seek to find more details about him. To be informed, keep on reading.

Many Filipinos admire Bruno Mars; that is why some are surprised to know that he has Filipino blood. His father came from Puerto Rican and Ashkenazi Jewish descent, while his mother has Filipino and Spanish ancestry. Since his mother migrated to Hawaii, he was born there too.

You may be a fan or not; there is a lot to share about Bruno Mars. I want to share with you the ethnic background of this great performer and some details about him,; keep on reading.

His Filipino Root

The singer-songwriter Bruno Mars was born on October 8, 1985, in Honolulu, Hawaii. His father is half Puerto Rican and half Ashkenazi Jewish, and his mother was of Filipino and Spanish ancestry. Many may not know that he is a Filipino on her mother’s side.

Bruno Mars is proud of his Filipino roots; in some of his concerts, he shares how he is proud to be a Filipino. The more he loves the Filipino people, the more Filipinos love him back. To give back the support and love to his Filipino fans, during Typhoon Yolanda, he donated a good amount of money to the typhoon victims. 

Due to his good deed to Filipinos, it is undeniable that the Filipino loves him as a person aside from his talent. The Filipino people love and appreciate those who love them, and they are very supportive of their co-Filipinos like Bruno Mars.

Famous Relatives of Bruno Mars in the Philippines 

Bruno Mars is related to the Guttierez family. The Guttierez patriarch is Eddie Guttierez, related to the family of Bruno Mars on his mother’s side. Hence, prominent showbiz personalities like Tonton Gutierrez, Richard Gutierrez, Raymond Gutierrez, and model Ruffa Gutierrez are Bruno Mars’ third cousins. 

It is indeed that their blood has a line of artists. May it be in the singing industry or the acting industry.

Does Bruno Mars Speak the Filipino Language?

Though he has Filipino blood, he is not speaking the Filipino language. He may understand some words, but he was unable to use the language on a conversational level. However, though he may not speak the language, he is proud of his Filipino roots.

Bruno Mars was born in Hawaii. Since he is multiracial, he was able to speak two languages which are Spanish and English. His first language is English which he primarily used in their home. Though Bruno Mars speaks Spanish, he is not very fluent at it and tends to accent when speaking the language.

Did Bruno Mars Visit the Philippines?

Bruno Mars was able to visit the Philippines because he made two concerts in the country. One of his two concerts happened on May 3, 2018. The concert was massive, and many of his fans and supporters were there to watch the concert.

Why do Filipinos Love Bruno Mars?

Filipino people are very supportive of their culture and traditions, and they appreciate Bruno Mars for embracing his Filipino side. The reason behind the love and support for Bruno Mars is that Filipinos love Filipinos.

The Filipinos love Bruno Mars because he is a talented singer-songwriter and Filipinos are proud of the same Filipinos. He did not hesitate to share that he is proud to be a Filipino to millions of his audience.

Is Bruno Mars Proud to Have Filipino Blood?

Bruno Mars is a multiracial music artist who grew up in Hawaii. Though he lived in the state of America, he is proud of his Filipino blood. In some of his interviews and concerts, he would often share that he is proud of being a Filipino in the crowds.

He was close to her mother, where he got his Filipino blood. Due to their closeness, he embraces the ancestry of her mother. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Bruno Mars is very appreciative of his Filipino fans and even helped the Philippines during Typhoon Yolanda.

What is the Nationality of Bruno Mars?

Though Bruno Mars is multiracial, his nationality is American since he was born in Hawaii. Bruno Mars was raised in the Waikiki neighborhood of Honolulu. During his childhood days, he was able to stay in an abandoned bird zoo with his father and his brother. 

Now that he is famous, he can buy a mansion for himself. He has a mansion in Hollywood Hills; this only means that you will make it in life if you have extreme talent and add determination and persistence.

Where did Bruno Mars Get its Name?

The real name of Bruno Mars is Peter Gene Hernandez. When he was young, he received the nickname “Bruno.” Her sister stated that Bruno Mars is confident, independent, really strong-willed, and kind of a brute. After them, most of the people around him got used to calling him Bruno. 

His nickname was from Bruno, a big fat wester, and when Bruno Mars was a baby, he was very chunky, and that was when the nickname Bruno started. However, he said that he was joking around when he added Mars as his stage name. Nowadays, Bruno Mars is one of the famous names in Hollywood and even the music industry across the world.

How did Bruno Mars start as an Artist?

Even as a kid, Bruno Mars already showed his talent in music. He was born with musically-inclined parents, which also influenced his music. Aside from that, he has had a passion for music. It was in the early 2000s when he started to rise as a singer-songwriter.


Bruno Mars is a multiracial singer-songwriter who was born in Hawaii. He has Filipino ancestry on his mother’s side. He is known to have a million fans because of his music, and one of many of his supporters and fans came from the Philippines. Filipino people are very supportive of Filipinos; that is why they support and appreciate Bruno Mars. The singer-songwriter reciprocated the support of the Filipinos when he also supported the victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

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