Is Bryce Hall Really Filipino? Mistery Solved

Bryce Hall

One of the most famous and widely known social media personalities is Bryce Hall. He is known for sharing entertaining video content on Youtube and Tiktok. Many are fans of him, and you might be one of them. If you are curious about Bryce Hall, I have something to share with you.  

Bryce Hall is of Filipino ancestry. Her grandmother is a Filipino. In some of his videos, he admitted that he is 1/4 Filipino. Though he might have been raised in America, he has a little bit of Filipino blood in him. Many are skeptical about his Filipino ancestry due to his American appearance. 

You might be very curious about Bryce Hall and want to know more details about him. I have searched for any information about him, and I am willing to share it with you. To furtherly dig deeper into who Bryce Hall is, continue reading below. 

Who is Bryce Hall?

Bryce Hall’s real name is Bryce Michael Hall. He is a young American YouTuber, musical artist, and internet personality. Bryce was born on August 14, 1999. He is known for entertaining Tiktok and Youtube videos and is widely followed by more than 21 million fans on Tiktok and more than 3 million fans on Youtube. 

He typically uploads funny, dance, and lip sync videos on TikTok. He is one of the important members of the Sway House located in Los Angeles. Young as 15 years old, he dreamed of being a famous social media influencer and started an American live broadcasting service named YouNow.

Was Bryce Hall Born in the Philippines?

Bryce Hall was born in an upper-class family from Ellicott City, Maryland, United States. Though he has Filipino blood, he was not born in the Philippines. Bryce was raised by his mother, Lisa, in Ellicott City, Maryland. He graduated Highschool in the same place he was born at Howard High School, Maryland. 

Is Bryce Hall Asian?

Bryce Hall is an American with white ethnicity. His grandmother is Filipino, and he has Asian blood. However, people are unlikely to believe this due to his American appearance. Moreover, Bryce is proud of his Asian ancestry, as he admits that he is an Asian in some of his videos. 

Bryce Hall’s Family

Bryce was raised from a Christian family in Ellicott City, Maryland, United States. He is widely known to have a white ethnicity and American nationality. Since being raised in a Christian family, he has Christian beliefs and faith.

Information about his family is scarce, but many knew he was raised alone by his mother named Lisa. His mother works in a private company while his father is a businessman. He has an elder step brother named Brandon Hall. 

Bryce barely talks about his father because, since childhood, he has hardly spent time with him. It is stated that his mom and dad have an unhealthy relationship. His father was abusive to his mother and mostly spent time behind bars for unpaid child support and abuse. He often shares how her mom strived hard just to provide for him in everything. 

Bryce Hall’s Marital Status

The marital status of Bryce Hall is currently unmarried. But he dated a Tiktoker named Addison Dae in 2020 and broke up by the following year. He also used to date Elle Danjean, who is a ballet dancer.

Bryce Hall’s Physical Appearance

Bryce Hall is a handsome and smart-looking guy. He is 5 and 11 inches tall and weighs around 77 kilograms. He has a strong physique with a muscular body type; he has an impressive body measurement. He has brownish hair with lovely black-colored eyes.

Bryce Hall’s Career

Hall Bryce is currently one of the famous Youtube and Tiktok personalities. He started to dream of being a social media influencer at the age of 15 on a social platform named YouNow. In 2014, Bryce began making video content on different social media platforms, including Vine and He accumulated more than 30,000 followers in Vine before it shut down in 2013. 

In 2015 he started another milestone in his career by joining Youtube. He began to create video content there, and as of now, he has more than 3 million followers there. He was also featured in the documentary Jawline. He shared his humble beginnings as a social media influencer and responded with the controversies he faced along the way. 

In 2018 Bryce moved to Los Angeles, California. In 2020, he and five social media influencers moved to the Sway House, owned by a talent management company, TalentX Entertainment. He usually collaborates with Griffin Johnson and Noah Beck in social posts. There they collaborated and created various content on different social media platforms. 

Currently, he has over 21 million followers on Tiktok. He usually posts dancing and lip syncing on Tik Tok, which was highly entertaining to many of his fans. He also has funny content. So if you want to make a good laugh, you can follow him. 


Over his career as a social media influencer, it can’t be avoided that people are giving him an eye on everything. Over the years, Bryce had encountered many controversies, including violating the Party House Ordinance, disputes about his ex-girlfriend, Addison Dae, gay rumors, and Asian discrimination. He has already responded to some rumors and speculations to clear his name. 

He has been arrested together with a Tik Tok star Jaden Hossler, on drug charges for possessing marijuana. He also faced Lawsuits with his previous management when he accused his former manager of sexual assault. When he violated COVID-19 safety measures because of his large party gathering during his 21st birthday, the Los Angeles mayor demanded that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power shut off Hall’s home utility services.


Bryce Hall is one of the famous social media influencers on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube. He rose to fame as he started making videos in YouNow and later made many followers on  Vine and When shut down in 2016, Bryce began to make humorous and entertaining content on Youtube. He has a massive number of fans that range for about 21 million in his Titok account, where he shares videos of himself dancing and lip syncing. 

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