Is eBay Available in the Philippines? Updated 2022

Nowadays, many are into online shopping, and one of the famous online shopping sites is eBay. Many are into online shopping since it is convenient; you don’t need to go to the actual store to purchase an item. Also, there are a lot of options to choose from in an online shopping site. Other than that, various shopping sites offer free shipping and discount vouchers.

Ebays offers most customers excellent deals, and shoppers can enjoy their perks since eBay is available in the Philippines. This online shopping site is currently the only eCommerce marketplace in the Philippines. eBay is one of the Philippines’ favorite overseas retailers.

You may be wondering how the shipping is done, and how much it cost. You may also be asking if the shipping of eBay to the Philippines is safe and how it is done. Well, I have a couple of pieces of information for you about eBay in the Philippines. Check some more by reading down below.

How can I order from eBay to the Philippines?

If you are worrying because you don’t know how to order from eBay to the Philippines, I will share a couple of steps for you to do.

1. Go to your search engine and type

2. Type the name of the item that you want to Buy on the search box. Click Search

3. Click “Philippines Only” on the left side of the page to filter items from PH Sellers

4. Click “Buy It Now” on the upper part of the page, to select items for a fixed price.

5. Click the item you want to buy.

6. Click Pay Now

7. Click Your Payment Option (example: bank deposit, mobile banking, Paypal, Cash on a Delivery credit card, debit card, or other payment methods)

8. After that, please check your eBay messages or registered email address to see your invoice, including the payment details like the Bank Account, etc.

Is it Safe to Order on eBay?

You can guarantee that eBay is a safe online shopping site. You can ensure more since eBay’s platform is combined with Paypal’s protection. Compared to some online shops, you can guarantee secure online shopping on eBay. 

Buyer’s Side 

eBay can guarantee its buyers that they are offering safe services. However, sellers need to consider some precautions before buying an item. 

Seller’s Side

There is a little bit of downside if you are an eBay seller. eBays is not as safe for sellers compared to buyers. Sellers need to secure everything before selling anything on eBay since eBay usually sides with the buyer if there are discrepancies regarding the purchase.

How to Safely Buy on eBay?

eBay is the best to buy and sell stuff at an affordable price. However, when purchasing, you need to be extra careful. Ebay’s platform is open for small-scale and large-scale sellers, and most are individual sellers. There is nothing wrong with that, but you need to be cautious to avoid getting ripped off.

To safely buy on eBay, you may follow the guide below.

Avoid Out-Of-This-World Deals

You may encounter some deals that seem too good to be true, deals that offer a great deal but are cheap. It is best to be more careful with this one to avoid being scammed. There might be offers like iPhone 12 for $50, PS4 for $34, or a MacBook for only $500, then that’s very fishy. 

Some scams are the opposite of the first one. Some will sell pricey items that are not worthy of the material. They will sell cheap things and high-definition pictures, but when the order arrives, you will be dismayed since the item is not worth the price. 

Do Seller Research

If you can see a reasonable offer, don’t automatically press the bid button. It would help if you did a little research to avoid having a bad deal. Try to gather data about the seller. Look for ratings within 12 months. If you can see that most of the ratings are high, it’s okay, but if most of the rates are low, you need to think twice. 

Read the Item Description

Sellers always find the best pictures to entice the buyer to purchase the item. However, it is best to read the item description to avoid misleadings. Since sellers will post high-definition products, but the material used is cheap when you read the item description, some may be good to look at, but the quality isn’t. 

For example, the picture is a chair with a cover. You think the chair is sold at a meager price, but it was a chair cover when the item arrived. When you review the product description, they are selling not the chair but the chair cover. You cannot blame the seller since they have provided sufficient information, but you did not read the item description. 

How to avoid Scams on eBay?

Fraudulent activity is something that eBay is fighting to be avoided. One of eBay’s goals is to gain buyers’ trust in purchasing the item on their site. However, to avoid being scammed, you can follow some pieces of information below. 

Step 1. Safe Online Shopping

When ordering an item, it is best to check the URL of the site. Don’t allow an online site like eBay to save your payment details and keep your information confidential. Then, log out after every transaction, especially if using public computers. 

Step 2. Know what you are Purchasing

When purchasing an item, it is best to read the item description to avoid misleading information. Pictures posted on eBay may be deceiving. Read the bid policy and check the condition of the item that you like to order.

Step 3. Know the Seller

It is best to gather information about the seller by checking the seller rating. Investigate by looking at the positive feedback. 

Step 4. Payment Method

Secure your payment method by using Paypal as a payment option. You can guarantee that it is safe because of Paypal’s protection policy. 


Online shopping sites like eBay offer great deals and convenience to buyers. However, it would be best to consider taking extra care of your purchase to avoid fraudulent activities. It is easy to order on eBay, and the good thing is it ships to the Philippines.

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