Common Filipina Dating Scams To Be Aware Of (Online-Offline)

People will feel sorry for those who have been victims of fraud in one way or another. Yet, they fail to protect themselves because they think it won’t happen most of the time. Being cautious is the key to being safe in romance, which is particularly crucial when dating a Filipino woman.

There are a lot of online and offline dating scams that you need to be aware of. Not only to save your time dealing with scammers but also to save your pocket as most of them run for your money. Most of these scams include romance, websites, and blackmailing scams.

Dating scams are growing both in complexity and numbers. Above all, the majority of the time, this is usually their full-time job.

This means that you must be much more careful now than ever before. We’ve covered a lot of online and offline dating scams. So, keep on reading for you to know these types of scams.

Romance Scam

A love scam is when a person is tricked into believing they are in a passionate romantic relationship with someone they met online.

Their “other half” are cybercriminals who use fake identities to gain sufficient trust from victims to demand or blackmail money. 

Usually, the advances start on dating apps or sites. But they have increasingly begun on social media as well.

Blackmailing Scam

The blackmailing scam is common. A Filipino woman tries to get you to do sexual things online. That way, she can get a video that threatens you. 

When they reach the footage, they will demand money to keep your dirty video secret. If you do not give in to what they want, they threaten to send a video to your family and some Facebook friends.

Webcam Scam

There are several variations of this scam. In one variant, the Filipino asks you to send money. Then she can buy a webcam for video chat with you online. 

The victim sends the money to buy a webcam, and the woman fades with the cash, like never being seen again. Or it could also be like asking the victim to send money to hire an internet café or a private room. 

Again the woman disappears with the money. In the final variant of this scam, a Filipino woman may declare herself a student and work as a webcam girl on an adult web or chat site. 

She then sends the user a link to an adult site and explains that the service is free and that a credit card is only required for age verification. Weeks later, the victim tries to look at their credit card statement and notices some billing for adult chat services.

Impossibility To Communicate And Sudden Disconnections 

In most romantic scams, scammers tell their online partners that they will not be able to communicate at certain times of the day or for extended periods or suddenly disconnect and won’t call you back again.

This may indicate that they have a family, are married, or communicate with other foreign men for the same reason. In other words, to make money. If this happens frequently, you may be just one of their victims.

Visa Fee And Travel Expense Scam

The scammer wants to visit you in this scam, but they don’t have enough money to pay for their travel expenses and plane tickets. They will then suggest you send them the money or the amount to buy a plane ticket. 

Next, they will ask more and tell you they need additional cash for visa fees, transportation to the airport, passport, and some miscellaneous expenses.

There are also cases where they will tell the victim that the requirements state they need to have a specific amount of money in their bank account to prove to the immigration official that they have enough funds for their visa.

Scammers will show fake copies of visas, plane tickets, or other documents to make her travel plans real. To avoid this scam, never send money for any travel-related expense. 

You have to make it clear that you will travel to their place or country to meet them personally after spending real-time chatting or talking to them for several months. Additionally, make it clear that you will never send money to anyone online. 

If the person is genuine, they should be very excited and happy that you will travel to meet them; if they are a scammer and sense that they will never receive any money, you will find that they disappear as soon as they realize they will never receive any benefit with you.

Scammers Lure You Off The Dating Site

Scammers often persuade victims to leave dating sites and continue communicating using email or instant messaging. At first, this may not look like a red flag to you. 

However, when you meet someone, you’ll want to go beyond dating sites and use other methods of communication. If someone asks for your email address or phone number, I highly suggest that you should be very careful. 

This will make it simple for them to access your data. So, if you want to talk outside the dating site, set up a different email address or use an instant messaging app that is not associated with your personal information, such as your primary email address or phone number.

Marriage Scam

Scammers in the marriage scam can be male or female. Someone using photos of an attractive young woman will send you a message on a dating app or website in this scam. 

Once you start dating the Filipino woman, someone pretending to be her father, brother, or uncle will email you to arrange your marriage for a fee. As soon as you pay this kind of fee, both your relatives and your wife disappear.

Gifts Scam

A Filipino woman will talk with several foreigners to get expensive gifts with no intention of starting a relationship with some of them.

So, let’s say the scammer talks with five foreigners who send her $100 monthly. She has a total income of at least $500. That is already an executive’s salary in the Philippines.

Conclusion | Final Thoughts

There is no lonely heart that is safe from these common dating scams. If their story is usually full of contradictions, you should be careful! Dating scammers tend to exaggerate their romantic interests when they find a victim.

Beware Filipino women who seem too enthusiastic about communicating and hanging out with you, even if you are not so excited to share with them.

So, whenever there’s a chance that you do agree to meet her in person, set up your first date in a safe and public space. Also, you may tell a close friend about your plans to meet someone just in case anything unfortunate happens.

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