Signs A Filipina Likes You: 9 Unequivocal Clues

Filipino culture is passionate when it comes to manifesting love and affection. If you aren’t a Filipino and you like to know if a Filipina likes you, it is easy to tell. It should not be hard to especially if you know what you are looking for.

When a Filipina likes you, she will present signs of interest to you. However, don’t expect her to explicitly show you her true feelings because she will be able about it. If you ignore her signs, you might not move forward, resulting in her losing interest in you because you don’t look confident enough.

On the other hand, if you miss interpreting her signs, you might make a fool of yourself when trying to step up the relationship. So, how to tell if Filipina likes you? First, you should know that most Filipino women are keen to develop feelings toward another person. It is usual for them to be pretty affectionate after a few dates. Don’t let this scare you. So, let me help you by giving several ways that can help you conclude if she really likes you.

1. Direct Eye Contact

The concept of direct eye contact is perceived differently by Western and Filipino cultures. So, unless the Filipino woman is comfortable around you, it’s unlikely she’s looking straight at you. But as she feels freer around you, more direct eye contact will spontaneously hint at the change of heart.

2. Initiating Meetings

How do you know if a Filipino likes you? This seems familiar to most girls, regardless of their place of origin. A Filipino woman will ask you on a date. Rest assured that this is far from the general practice of culture and requires tremendous will and courage to do something. If she unexpectedly invites you, you can be confident that the woman likes you very much. However, if the feeling is not mutual, tell her the truth as politely as possible, rather than mocking her.

3. Asking Too Many Questions

Typically, a person who likes you wants to know all about you, from your childhood to your favorite movies and tv shows. So, if you ever wonder how to tell if a Filipino woman likes you, just remember any questions she asked you. She is clearly attracted to you if she knows your stories about the books or movies you love, your hobbies, and your family.

4. Starting to Become Protective

It’s indeed one of the most obvious signs that a Filipino woman likes you. If you find that she’s beginning to worry too much about your health and well-being, it’s a clear sign that she appreciates you very much. Remember that people from the Philippines always put their family first and will cut everything going on in their lives to help and protect some family members. So, when she starts checking in on you to make sure you’re happy and healthy, she really does like you. If she brings you gifts, she likes you. If she brings you food regularly, then she definitely likes you! On a side note, it’s crucial to reciprocate this. Ignoring her affection is very much going to turn her off, so don’t be an idiot. Instead, be grateful that she thinks so highly of you.

5.) Laughing All of Your Jokes 

Honestly speaking, a woman who laughs at your jokes no matter where she came from is a pretty clear sign that she likes you. However, it’s a bit different with Filipino women. First, you must remember that Filipino women are very traditional and not as outgoing compared to Western cultures. So, it will take them a little longer to open up and become comfortable with you more often than not. But, if you ever notice her laughing at all your corny jokes, it’s a pretty good sign that she really likes you!

6. She Tries to Ask You Out

In the Philippines, it’s regularly the gentlemen to drive the beginning stages of a relationship. But, if you ever fall in a situation where a Filipino woman asks you out for coffee, see some movies, out for a drink, or go out for dinner, it’s a clear sign that she really likes you. This is due to what I said earlier that women born and raised in the Philippines are more traditional and passive than Western women. So, if a Filipino woman dares to approach a man and ask him out. Even if all she wanna do is just get some coffee or hang out and have a conversation. It goes into everything she was taught, and doing so shows her drive and determination to bring her closer to you.

7. She Calls You Often

A Filipino woman who likes you will frequently seek to be around you, whether it’s virtually or in person. People who’s interested in someone will call often and try to integrate you into their social circles. If her feelings are genuine, she should try to introduce you to her family and friends to have them evaluate you.

8. Show Signs of Jealousy

If you are dating a Filipino woman online properly, you should never just settle for the 1st or 2nd woman you talk to right away. You have multiple options, and you must evaluate them carefully, right? and of course, pray on it. A Filipino woman who likes you a lot will start questioning if you are conversing with other women and show jealousy if she thinks you are.

9. The Person Smiles A Lot Whenever She Is With You

If you happen to be with a Filipino woman, you can’t imagine if she likes you. She notices how often she smiles when she is with you. If she always smiles and her smile doesn’t stop when she’s with you or smiles when you two make eye contact, it’s a possible sign that she likes you. It may also mean that she enjoys your company a lot. 

Conclusion | Final Thoughts

The most important point from all of this is that you need to take advantage of all the signs that appear no matter what. For instance, if you are already chatting with Filipino women on dating sites, they probably like you, but you just did not notice. Most seemingly, you have wasted too much time looking for signs that these women liked you. You did not know that they were waiting for you. So, do not make it any more complicated than it needs to be. Just make your move and then take things to the next level!

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