Top 10 Timeless Christmas Songs From The Philippines

When the ber months start, as early as September, many Filipinos will start putting on Christmas decorations, and Christmas songs are everyone. Filipinos celebrate the most extended Christmas holidays that start from September until January. Filipinos cherish Christmas as it is the time of gift-giving, family reunions, salary bonuses, Christmas sales, and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. This country is a very religious one.

Most of the songs that you can hear during Christmas seasons are Ang Pasko ay Sumapit, Christmas in Our Hearts, Himig ng Pasko, Kampana ng Simbahan, Kumukutikutitap, Mano po ninong, Mano po ninang, Noche Buena, Pasko na Naman, Pasko na Sinta ko, and Sa may Bahay ang Aming Bati. 

Filipinos are all familiar with these songs during the yuletide season. You can hear this everywhere, especially from September until January. If you would like to get into more details about the Filipino Christmas songs, I h

1. Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit

Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit is one of the most famous Filipino Christian songs composed by the legendary composer Levi Celerion from the Filipino poet Vicente Rubi’s work in 1933. Ang Pasko ay Sumapit is one of the most listened to Filipino Christmas songs and the most well-played, whether restaurants, malls, plazas, or other local places.

Pamamasko is Carolling, and you can hear carolers singing these songs from house to house, and the household would give them money. Ang Pasko ay Sumapit is one on the list of Christmas carolers; you can also hear singing it in some boulevards or plaza, and in exchange for singing, they will receive coins or dollars.

2. Christmas In our Hearts

The composer and singer of this Christmas song is Jose Mari Chan. He is very famous for singing “Christmas in our hearts.” On many social media platforms like Facebook, there are a lot of memes being created as the “ber” months are coming; this is because Filipinos associate the Christmas songs of Jose Mari Chan with being played again in many places. 

When you hear about Christmas songs, you can associate that with the song sung by Jose Mari. This song is about the true essence of Christmas and how Filipinos cherish this event to give and do good deeds to friends, families, and neighbors.

3. Himig ng Pasko

During the Christmas season, you can hear all over radio stations and local areas the song Himig ng Pagibig. Every Filipino could feel nostalgic as they reminisce about how they celebrated Christmas as it is the highlight of the end of the year before New Year.

The tune of this song is very mellow; it leads you to be charmed by the song. The hymns will surely make you feel the essence of Christmas.

4. Kampana ng Simbahan

Kampana ng Simbahan talks about the bells of the churches. The Philippines has many Catholic churches, and when Christmas time is near, they have Simbang Gabi; this is a mass celebration held early in the morning. After the mass, you can hear the banging of the church bells.

The bells of the church wake up churchgoers since the mass starts at 3 am. It happens to begin December 16 to December 24. It is believed that if you have completed the Simbang Gabi, your wishes will come true.

5. Kumukutikutitap

Kumukutikutitap means flicker or sparkle. Kumukutikutitap song refers to the sparkling and flickering lights during the Christmas seasons. You can see Christmas lights in many places with decorations. That is why most plazas and parks in the country have many Christmas lights lit at night.

Families tend to go to many public parks to see the beautiful Christmas light’s decorations. While enjoying the view, they will have balut, Mais, mani, and other street foods for a snack. Very simple yet fun activities made by many families during Christmas time. The song Kumukutikutitap is about the gifts, candies, ribbons that may not sparkle but will give joy to those who had them.

6. Mano po Ninong, Mano po Ninang

Mano Po can be translated as Your hands, please. Mano is a traditional Filipino custom that you need to bow and take the hands of an elderly, a godparent, or your parents. Mano is a sign of respect. Mano Po Ninong, Mano Po Ninang is a song that shows gratitude towards godparents’ gifts.

This song expresses love, peace, and gratitude. It talks about happiness, prosperity, luck, and peace. Good deeds, actions, and attributes are said to be the priceless gift one can receive. 

7. Noche Buena

Noche Buena is a Spanish term that means a meal at midnight. Noche Buena is a special meal for every Filipino, especially when celebrating Christmas eve. It is the time to be happy and be merry since it is the time for eating, gift-giving, and family reunions. 

The song tells how the Filipino family celebrates Christmas. These also talk about the get-together and how close Filipino families are. The traditional Filipino family will share foods like lechon and tinola.

8. Pasko Na Naman

Pasko Na Naman is an anticipation of the upcoming Christmas. Carolers widely use this song on the street from house to house. This song is one of the best- played, and many Filipinos know it as it is played over radios. This song implies how time flies and how soon they will celebrate Christmas, a day when prosperity, love, and people get together. 

9. Pasko Na Sinta Ko

This song is somewhat sorrowful. Pasko na Sinta ko is dedicated to the longing of a loved one. This song is one of the timeless melancholic Christmas songs sung by many. Christmas is an exceptional occasion for Filipinos, and being with someone you love during this season is unfortunate.

10. Sa May Bahay ang Aming Bati

Sa May Bahay ang Aming Bati is one of the most favorite songs of Christmas carolers, especially kid carolers. This song has an upbeat tune making it a lively song for Christmas. This song is the greetings of Carolers to the people in the household. This song also showcases a request to hand over some coins in the Spirit of Christmas giving.


Christmas is one of the longest seasons celebrated by Filipinos. This celebration is unique as it is the time to gather with the family, share gifts and eat along. There are so many things happening during Christmas. Also, many songs reflect how Filipino celebrate Christmas.

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