Top 15 Traditional Filipino Snacks To Binge On!

Filipinos love to eat; it can’t be denied that they are very extravagant when it comes to celebrations like fiestas, birthdays, weddings, and holidays. No wonder that they too have various delicacies and snacks that are delicious. Many Filipinos like to eat snacks, whether homemade or those that can be bought in the streets. 

Merienda is the term for Filipino light meal and happens every afternoon around three o’clock, right after the siesta time. Filipino snacks include Turon, Banana Cue, Taho, Ihaw-Ihaw, Kakanin, Sweet corn, Green Mango, Ensaymada, Tusok-Tusok, Halo-halo, Dirty Ice Cream, Pancit Canton, Iskrambol, Buko Pandan and Chicharon. 

As you might notice, these Filipino snacks are more rare than in other countries. These snacks also depict the authenticity of Filipino snacks. These are affordable and delicious. You will have to taste this one to taste for yourself. As of the moment, read further to know more about Filipino snacks. 

1. Turon

Turon is one of the Filipino all-time favorite snacks. Not only is this affordable, but it is also delicious and easy to make. Turon is somewhat similar to Spring Rolls or Lumpia. However, the fillings of Turon are sweet bananas and sometimes added with jackfruit. The sweet and crunchy savor of Turon will surely water your mouth.

2. Banana Cue

Another banana delicacy is the Banana Cue. It is a fried banana that is coated with sugar. It is one of the most favorite merienda of every Filipino since it is affordable and delicious. It is easy to cook and is typically one of the street foods in the Philippines. Some sellers would add sesame seeds on banana cues for an added flavor and smell. 

3. Taho

In the morning, you can hear the Taho vendor shouting, “Taho, Taho kayo diyan!” which means “Taho, selling Taho.” This breakfast food is one of the most famous morning snacks for Filipinos. It is composed of Silken tofu, sago, arnibal, a syrupy sweetener, and brown sugar. It is one of my favorite local foods and can be eaten any time of the day.

4. Ihaw-Ihaw

Ihaw is a Filipino word that means Grilled. Ihaw-ihaw includes isaw, chicken or pork intestine, betamax, chicken blood, adidas, chicken feet. You can commonly see Ihawan or Grilled Stands on many streets in the country. Typically most Ihawan sells Ihaw-ihaw every afternoon up until the evening. There are some Ihaw Restaurants that sell these, and most Filipino families go there to have a family dinner. 

5. Kakanin

Kakanin is a Filipino term for rice cakes. Kakanin is a Filipino delicacy made with rice, coconut milk, or a variety of root vegetables. These Kakanins are suman, lightly seasoned rice cakes wrapped in banana leaves, sapin-sapin, made with glutinous rice, flour, coconut milk, and puto, which is a perfect match for rich dishes like dinuguan and pancit.

6. Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is one of the famous Filipino snacks. You can buy it in the streets or malls. Sweetcorn is sometimes eaten on a stick or sometimes in a cup. It is seasoned with powdered cheese making it have a sweet and salty taste.

7. Green Mango with Bagoong

If you are looking for something sour, then green mango is best recommended. It is commonly dipped in soy sauce with vinegar, but bagoong, a shrimp paste, is the famous pair. This snack is very mouthwatering and can be seen in some street carts in the country. 

8. Ensaymada

Due to Spanish influence, ensaymada became one of the favorite Filipino snacks in the country. It is a delicious bread topped with margarine and sprinkled with sugar. It is best paired with coffee or juice. Ensaymada can be enjoyed any time of the day.

9. Tusok-Tusok

Tusok-Tusok is one of the most well-eaten snacks in the country. It is a general term for street foods put in sticks, such as squid balls, fish balls, tempura, and other fried snacks. You can buy these in many corners, like in boulevards, canteen, streets, plazas, and malls. These snacks are dipped with different kinds of sauce that you prefer, whether sweet, mild, or spicy. 

10. Halo-halo

Halo-Halo is one of the rarest Filipino snacks. It is very famous, especially during the summer season but can be served on any day of the year. Halo-halo means mixed; that is why it is composed of mixed ingredients like shaved ice, ube halaya, leche flan, nata de coco, and sweet beans. You can say that the Halo-Halo is special if you can see an ube ice cream or leche flan on the top of it. 

11. Sorbetes

Sorbetero is one of the iconic symbols that showcase Filipino culture. When a Filipino hears a ring on the streets, that signals that sorbetero is on the way. These ice creams usually come with ube, chocolate, and cheese flavor. Every Filipino kind feels nostalgic when they remember bringing cups while lining up to buy sorbetes.

12. Pancit Canton

Pancit Canton is a stir-fried noodle. It is a very popular merienda in the country. It is served on many occasions like birthdays since it suggests long life. Nowadays, there are many instant pancit cantons that many still eat as merienda. It is best paired with pandesal.

13. Iskrambol

Ice scramble, or Iskrambol, is a Filipino childhood snack. The same as the ice cream when Filipino kids hear a bell, it can be the Iskrambol vendor that’s on the way. Iskrambol is very tasty as it is a combination of shaved ice, condensed milk, food coloring, milk powder, banana essence, marshmallows, and chocolate syrup. 

14. Buko Pandan 

Buko Pandan is one of the most favorite desserts of Filipinos. It is a rich, creamy snack made with tropical palm fruits, gulaman cubes, sago pearls, and shredded young coconut in condensed and evaporated milk. You can usually see this in fiestas, birthdays, and weddings served as desserts. However, nowadays you can just order this one in many restaurants if you are craving to eat it. 

15. Chicharon

Chicharon is the delicious pork cracklings in the country. It is best paired with chili vinegar. Chicharon is the best pulutan, snacks when drinking beer or alcohol. However, it is also one of the best merienda and can be a snack while watching a movie or chilling out with friends.


Filipino snacks are mouthwatering and come with many flavors to choose from. Most of these snacks are made from Filipino root crops, fruits, and vegetables. All of these are worth trying due to their distinct and tasty flavor. 

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