Top 3 Amazon Virtual Assistants Providers: Full Guide

There are a lot of foreign employers that need Amazon Virtual Assistant. However, looking for one must not be taken for granted since you must look for reliable and skilled virtual assistants from a reliable outsourcing company. Choosing where to outsource your Amazon Virtual Assistant is an important thing to consider to keep your company in the correct phase. Hiring the right one will benefit you, but hiring the wrong one may bring hassles and work delays. 

One of the best companies that provide Amazon Virtual Assistant is OnlineJobsPh. Many foreign employees have highly utilized this platform since you can hire a skilled and degree holder Amazon Virtual Assistant here. Also, job seekers on these platforms are verified. Moreover, the job posting is effortless.

Though so many companies provide Amazon Virtual Assistant, OnlineJobsPh is incomparable. Many Filipino job seekers have an account on their platforms, thus making it easier for you to look for one. If you want to know more regarding Amazon Virtual Assistant Providers, I have gathered some details for you to read. 


OnlineJobsPh is one of the leading companies that outsource skilled Amazon virtual assistants. You can outsource the best Amazon Virtual Assistant since it is the most accessible job board to find outsourced staff in the Philippines. There are over 1,000,000 Filipino Resumes on their platforms.

Why Outsource in OnlineJobsPh?

Free Account

OnlineJobsPh offers a free account that allows you to see job applications, and it also allows you to post a job. The free offer gives you the idea if you find someone good as your Amazon Virtual Assistant. However, you may not communicate with them until you do an upgrade.

Good Pricing

You can only post and see profiles for free, but you need to pay for an upgrade for full access. The pricing is justifiable as they can offer $49 for eight years without raising it. The company wants good employers who care about the people they hire. 

Easy Payment Method

OnlineJobsPh offers an easy payment method using Easypay. You can also use PayPal or OWrldremit and even Transferwise. However, the platform does not merely require you to pay through them, but they care how you spend the employee. The payment matters depend on the negotiation between you and the employee.

Trustworthy Workers

One of the cultural traits of Filipinos is being trustworthy. Though it might not be generalized, OnlineJobsPh has trustworthy job seekers as Filipino employees have verified accounts. 

Trustworthy Website

OnlineJobsPh has been in the business since 2009. The website is American-based, with hundreds of thousands of employers. Thus, you can trust the website to give you the Amazon Virtual Assistant you need. You may search the reviews about the website for you to check and see what others think about them. Moreover, they do have a money-back guarantee, and they honor it. 

Diverse Talent Pool

OnlineJobsPh will offer you diverse and many talented skills. You can choose from jobseekers with specialized talents, qualifications, and skills suited for the job you want them to work with. Moreover, the marketplace of OnlineJobsPh is straightforward, and you can easily find talented Amazon Virtual Assistants. 

Easy Hiring Process

It is easy to hire a freelance Amazon Virtual Assistant in OnlineJobsPh. There is an easy finding, hiring, and onboarding process. You can easily browse through millions of freelancers’ profiles, or you may also post a job offer or job proposal, and qualified freelancers will send you their resumes. After that, you can choose which among them fits your qualifications and standards. 

Flexible Schedule

What makes OnlineJobsPh good in providing Amazon Virtual Assistant, you can hire and post in their marketplace 24/7. Thus, if you have a last-minute emergency or are in a hurry to hire an Amazon virtual assistant, you can easily hire one. 


UpWork is also one of the website platforms where you can hire Amazon Virtual Assistants. The company connects freelancers, independent talent, and agencies across the globe. You can look for a high-quality Amazon Virtual Assistant in UpWork.

Why Outsource in Upwork?

Good for Beginners

Upwork is a good kickstart if you are new to hiring virtual assistants. There are so many job seekers that are willing to work for you. 

Legitimate Website

UpWork is a legitimate freelance marketplace. This website connects you and the freelancers. Upwork is considered one of the trusted online outsourcing websites to find an Amazon Virtual Assistant.


Hiring a full-time virtual assistant in Upwork will save some money compared to the traditional full-time employees. Hiring a virtual assistant through Upwork allows your business to reduce costs without compromising the work output.

Access to Skilled Employees

There are a lot of talented, trained, and skilled virtual assistants in Upwork. If you are looking for a specialized skill, many qualified Virtual Assistants will eagerly send their resumes.

FlexJobs Corporation

FlexJobs Corporation is one of the online marketplaces where you can look for AMazon Virtual Assistant. The company is one of the legitimate job searching websites used by many. The corporation was founded in 2007, and the services it offers focus on telecommuting jobs that include freelance, part-time, and flexible work opportunities.

One of its top companies that offer remote jobs is Amazon. That is why if you are looking for an Amazon Virtual Assistant, you can look for the best candidate suited for the job through this website.

Why Outsource to FlexJobs Corporation?

Trustworthy Job Service

FlexJobs Corporation is one of the most trusted job services that help the employer find the best candidate for the job and find the perfect job that suits their qualifications and skills. They offer remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible schedules.


One of the best Amazon providers in the Philippines is OnlineJobsPh. What makes it the best platform is that it is easy to navigate, and you can find a lot of verified job seekers that will suit what you are looking for. There are also other companies where you can outsource an Amazon Virtual Assistant like FlexJobs Corporation or Upwork. You can find many Amazon Virtual Assistant to the said platforms, but the best option will still be OnlineJobsPh.

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