Top Virtual Assistant Companies To Hire Filipino Workers

There are many skilled virtual assistants in the Philippines, and finding one is not a problem. To ensure that you will be hiring the best professional and trustworthy virtual assistants, you need to look for a reliable company to help you find what you need. There are many virtual assistant companies in the Philippines where you can find a virtual assistant that suits your qualifications. Filipino virtual assistants can help your business flourish.

You can find virtual assistants in Virtual Staff Finder, Task Bullet, OVA Virtual, Virtual Done Well, Remote Workmate, Pepper Virtual Assistant, Virtual Worker, Virtual Assistant Talent, OnlineJobsPh. and GoVirtuals. These companies will surely cater to your needs in finding the VA you are looking for. 

You will have no hard time looking for a competitive virtual assistant to help you with your business with these companies. These companies will also guarantee that they will cater to your needs in looking for your virtual assistants. To know more about these ten virtual assistant companies, I have gathered the details for you to read below.


OnlineJobsPh has over 250,000 registered profiles of job seekers in the Philippines. OnlineJObsPH is one of the immense databases, especially of Virtual assistants. Moreover, more than 10,000 Filipinos are joining each month. OnlineJobsPh is typically based in the USA. They believe that Filipino culture and general proficiency in speaking English are ideal for being virtual workers. For as low as $350 a month, you can already hire a competent professional in different fields like social media, SEO, and Web development. 

To begin looking for the right virtual assistant for your business, you can post a job or search for the ideal candidate. After making a shortlist of candidates, communication between you and your potential employee becomes a matter of communication. You need to discuss the salary rate and the set of work that they need to be done and explain the job expectation. 

OVA Virtual

If you are looking for HR Officers, customer service representatives, information technology experts, and administrative assistants, OVA Virtual is for you. This company is very reliable in helping you find skilled and dedicated full-time virtual assistants in the Philippines. 

OVA Virtual comes in excellent pricing plans for as low as $6 per hour. You can hire a virtual assistant to help you with your task that needs to be accomplished and done. 

Virtual Coworker

Virtual Coworker has dedicated recruiters in the Philippines through their offices are in Australia and the USA. They do have part-time and full-time staff who are fit to work in different time zones with an affordable hourly price. Virtual Coworkers promotes university-educated personal assistants skilled in managing and leading prospect generation, research and data entry, research, CRM, customer support, social media, content writing, and meeting schedules. 

The company provides a hassle-free billing system, invoicing, customer service support, full-service payroll management, and recruitment services. The company’s team will be the one to source, screen, and interview potential skilled candidates in the Philippines based on your qualifications and need. After then, they will shortlist the most qualified virtual assistant.

Remote Workmate

A company that promotes the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines is Remore Workmate. This company is based in Australia. They help Western countries find Filipino Virtual Assistants that are fitted with the job. Remote Workmate provides a free trial period and recruitment services to review resumes and craft job descriptions. 

Moreover, Remote Workmate also offers a swap program. When one virtual assistant is a bad fit for your team, they can be switched to a different employee. Remote Workmate does not have a PHilippine branch; they hire candidates from the Philippines. 

Virtual Done Well

If you want to look for a skilled virtual assistant who can manage your emails, take your phone calls, and book your appointments, Virtual Done Well is the right one for you. This is a Davao-based company that will surely cater to your needs. Besides giving you a virtual assistant service, the company also offers web developing packages and internet marketing services. 

The company offers to train clients on how to utilize their candidates. Before Virtual Done Well hires, there is a need to fill out a survey form and contact someone in their management team. The pricing packages are in Australian Dollars, and if you hire a full-time virtual assistant, you will be paid AUD 800 a month.

Task Bullet

One of the virtual assistant companies that utilize Filipijo professionals that will help you with tasks like accounting, data entry, writing, administrative support, and social media marketing is Task Bullet. The company has offices based in Manila, Philippines, and California, USA. They offer services from American, and they outsource workers from the Philippines. 

Virtual Staff Finder

The virtual Staff finder is one of the virtual assistant companies in the Philippines that has been operating for over a decade. There are five steps to hiring a virtual assistant using Virtual Staff Finder. These steps include signing up, sourcing, testing, interviewing, and hiring. 

This company will surely help you define the job description you need, and they will be the one to help you select and test candidates fit for the job. After that, the company will send you the top three candidates qualified for the job, and then you decide whom to choose.

Pepper Virtual Assistant

One of the virtual staffing companies in the Philippines is Pepper Virtual Assistant. They provide hourly services like web design, call center, internet marketing, and administrative assistance, both part-time and full-time. Even if you have a full-time personal virtual assistant, you will only be paying for their hours while working. 

Pepper Virtual Assistant offers a free five hours of services to see if they are fit to match the work they are intended to do in your business. The thing you need to do to fill your hiring needs is to sign up, choose the plan that suits your needs, and start doing the free trial. 


There are a lot of virtual assistant companies in the Philippines. Though some are based outside the country, some are based in the country. Nonetheless, both cater to your needs in finding the skilled and reliable Virtual assistant that meets your expectations in helping you with your business. With these companies, you will no longer have a hard time looking for one, you can save money, plus you will be assured that you have found a legitimate and reliable source of workers. 

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