Traditional And Contemporary Filipino Names (With Meaning)

Filipino names are unique. Not only was it influenced by foreigners but also Filipinos are very creative. They tend to spell the names backward and name their kids as celebrities, heroes, important events, and many significant events. Sometimes the parents combine their names to make their children’s names.

Many Filipino names are traditional, mixed with modern, due to Spain, America, Japan, and China’s influence; most Filipino names are derived from them. Also, due to Spanish colonization, most names are derived from the Bible. Even until now, parents still use most of the traditional Filipino names.

Due to the rich Filipino heritage, Filipino names are diverse and unique. So when you are looking for a nice name for your child, may it be a girl or a boy, you can look for Filipino names as your reference. I searched for many Filipino names; read more below. 

Traditional Filipino Names for Girls

Filipino NamesMeaningOrigin
BernilaBlessedGerman derived from the name Bernihilde.
CarmelitaGardenSpanish inspired by the Garden of Eden.
ChristinaFollower of ChristEnglish
DivinaHeavenly or DivineLatin/ Italian
DoloresOne of many names given to the Virgin Mary.Latin
EvangelineBringer of Good News Greek
LiezelTagalog of ElizabethFilipino
MariaMary in EnglishLatin
OdessaLong JourneyGreek
PerlahPearl, this name is believed to bring wisdom and health to the baby. Spanish

Traditional Names for Boys

Filipino NamesMeaningOrigin
AlabTo burn with emotions.FIlipino
AlejandroPeople’s GuardianSpanish
CrisantoGolden FlowerGreek
DakilaGreat or HugeGreek
DaniloGod is my judge. Filipino
DatuRuler, King, ChiefFilipino
ErnestoHonest or SincereSpanish
FernandezFernando’s son. Spanish
HehersonHer son.English
HiramKind and CharitableHebrew
HonestoHonest PersonSpanish
JejomarA name made by merging the names Jesus, Joseph, and Mary together.Filipino
JerichoLunar HavenGreek
JeromeDivine NameGreek
JuanGod’s GraceSpanish
LesterSafe PlaceEnglish
LuisCelebrated Battle ChampionSpanish
MagtanggolTo stand your ground.Filipino
MelchorGod of LightHebrew
OmarTalented Speaker in HebrewProsperous in Arabic.Hebrew/ Arabic

Contemporary Filipino Names for Girls

Filipino NamesMeaningOrigin
AwitA musical name inspired by a poem of hymn.Filipino
Darlingpopular endearing nameEnglish
Lyka or LaicaPretty FaceFIlipino
MicahModification of Michael meaning a gift from God.Hebrew
OpheliaRomantic name after a character from Hamlet.Greek
Philippine or FilipinaDerived from the named of the country, PhilippinesFilipino
Queenieplayful name for a powerful girl.English
Sunshinename reflecting the year-round sun in the Philippines.English
TrixieBringer of JoyLatin
ZanaidaBorn of ZeusGreek
ZephyrWest WindGreek

Cool Filipino  Names for Boys

AgapitoDear, SweetheartSpanish
AlainHandsome, BrightFrench
AldoOld or Tall ManLatin
ArnoldPowerful as an Eagle.German
BenjieThe Tagalog of BenjaminFIlipino
CesarLong Thick HairSpanish
ChristianoFollower of Christ.Latin
DiegoSinging EagleSpanish
EdgardoOwner of the SpearSpanish
EdwardWealth, Luck, FortuneEnglish
EfrenUseful and ProductiveSpanish
GabrielDevoted to GodHebrew
GenesisOrigin of SomethingGreek
GregoryAttentive and AlertLatin
HoraceMan of TimeLatin
JacobHolder of the HeelHebrew
JoshuaGod is my rescuer.Hebrew
KevinHonorable, UprightIrish
NathanielGod’s giftHebrew
NinoBaby BoySpanish
PaoloLittle, HumbleItalian
RickyDaring RulerAmerican
RodrigoFamous RulerSpanish
RyanRoyal DescentIrish
SherwinSpeedy RunnerEnglish
SoferWriter, AuthorHebrew
ZenonGuest, VisitorGreek

Filipino Names for Girls inspired by Nature

Filipino NamesMeaningOrigin
AgilaEagle, the national bird of the Philippines.Filipino
Agwa or AguaWaterFilipino/ Spanish
AlonFor water lover, the English translation is wavesFilipino
AmihanMonsoon season in the country.Filipino
Ciela or CieloSkySpanish
FlordelizaFlower of the LilyFrench
HazelEarthy name reflecting the colour of a treeEnglish
IslaExotic name, meaning Island.Spanish
IvyShort and Sweet name after the plant.English
LilaLavender or lilacLatin
MimosaTropical TreeLatin
SampaguitaNational flower of the Philippines.Filipino
UlaJewel of the SeaFilipino

Filipino Names for Boys Inspired by Nature

Filipino NamesMeaning Origin
AdrianWater, Sea, OceanLatin
AkiraSunshine or the SunJapanese
AlonSea, WeaveFilipino
BulanThe Moon.  It’s used to refer to the God of the moon in Filipino folklore.Indonesian
BuwanThe Earth’s full moonFilipino
KidlatLightning, FlashFilipino
PacificoPeace-Loving. It also refers to the Pacific ocean.Latin
UlanDroplets of RainFilipino

Filipino Names for Girls inspired By Famous People

Filipino NamesMeaningOrigin
AuroraMeaning Dawn, a popular name of the Disney Princess Sleeping Beauty. Latin
Corazon HeartSpanish
Darnafictional superheroine popular in the PhilippinesFilipino
FloribethHidden EssenceFIlipino
ImeldaUniversal FlightSpanish
JasmineFIlipino FlowerPersian
NicoleVictorious PeopleGreek

Filipino Names for Boys Inspired by Famous People

Filipino NamesMeaningOrigin
AntonioAbove and beyond praise.Italian
BagwisLong wingFilipino
IsaganiGenerous harvestFilipino
JoaquinGod is my judge.Spanish
JorizShort name for Jose RIzal.Filipino
JoseGod will GiveSpanish
KeanuCool breeze of the seaHawaiian
NelsonChampion’s sonEnglish
RizalinoDerivative of Jose RIzalFilipino
RommelWreak havocGerman
VergelBest of LuckAmerican
YanniGod is GraciousHebrew

Unique Filipino Names for Girls

BulawanGold or Golden SkinFilipino
DariMaintains possessions well, an alternate of Daria.Greek/ Persian
DalisayWhimsical girl name meaning pure.Filipino
DiwataFairies and spirits of nature in Philippine mythology.Filipino
HimigMusical name translating to tuneFilipino
HirayaMay your dreams come true.FIlipino
LuwalhatiGlory or SplendourFIlipino
LuzvimindaThis name is a combination of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions in the Philippines.Filipino
MahalinaTo fascinatedFilipino
MarikitBeautiful or PrettyFIlipino
SintaEndearing name referring to love.Filipino
TalaIn Philippine mythology, she is the Goddess of the evening and morning star.Filipino

Unique Names of Boys

Filipino NameMeaningOrigin
DranrebThe backward spelling of the name Bernard which means “brave”.Filipino
JunShort form for Junior, which means young.Filipino
LuzvimindoAncient Filipino name that combines Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in one name.Filipino
SinagRay of LightFilipino
XanderPeople’s DefenderGreek

Currently Famous Names for Girls

AnalynA combination of Anna and Lyn.FIlipino
AngelThe name of the heavenly creature.Greek
BlessicaThe name of the heavenly creatureFilipino
IrisThe Goddess of Rainbows in Greek mythology.Greek
JasleneThis name combines the two names Jazlyn and Jolene.American
LilibethA Filipino name that mixes Lily and Beth.Filipino
MaricarMixes the names Maria and Carmen.Filipino
NenitaLittle GirlSpanish
NicoleVictorious PeopleFrench
NorjannahA name combining Nora and Joanna.Filipino
RubylynCombination of Ruby and Lyn.Filipino

Lucky Filipino Names for Boys

FIlipino NamesMeaningOrigin
ArnulfoQuick wit and strong as an ox.German
AsterioDazzling StarGreek
BayaniThe Champion, HeroFilipino
BenignoGood, BenignItalian
CarloStrong and FreeGerman
FelixBlessed, FortunateLatin
JoselitoMay you be blessed by the Lord.Spanish
LibertoFree manItalian
MagitingBlood, CourageousFilipino
NimuelPeace and SerenityFilipino
TanashiriBeauty and Purity of the SoulFilipino
TrevorEager and WiseIrish
UmbertoNotable FighterItalian
VitoLife, Life-giverItalian


Various cultures highly influence Filipino names since Filipino culture has been influenced by many nations who came to the Philippines. Also, Filipino people are very creative when it comes to giving their children names. Some would give their kids a name that signifies or symbolizes something.

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