What To Expect When Dating A Filipina: A Top 10 List

Do you ever wanna know what it’s like to date a Filipino woman? Filipinos are known around the world for their friendliness and hospitality. You will actually never regret it if you marry or date one. The best way for foreign men to meet Filipino women would be online dating sites, specifically a niche dating site for Filipinos.

Dating a Filipino woman is just like dating in general. You have to know what you can do to win her love and affection. When dating a Filipina, you can expect that there is no PDA’s, but they will love you with great loyalty. She will cook delicious foods and they will value marriage to their culture.

When dating a Filipina there is more to expect since the Philippines has a rich culture when it comes to dating. Moreover, the upbringing of the Filipinas that values relationships will also give you the hint that there are many to expect while dating one. So, let us talk about what to expect when dating a Filipino woman in this article.

No PDAs (Public Display of Affection)

It may actually seem okay to be touchy with other women, but it would be best to avoid this for Filipino women. This is for most Filipino women and not the ones from bars and clubs. Some women may have been liberated, but Filipino women are shy reserved. This utterly means that they are uncomfortable whenever a guy is touching them. So, one of the small things that you can do on this is to act naturally and just make her feel comfortable.

Great Loyalties

Filipino women are also one of the most loyal and faithful in the world. That’s why they are looking for the same person. When you meet a Filipino woman, you will find that she does not enjoy talking to other men around her. Also, avoid any kind of temptation. They also avoid any kinds of temptations. Marriage is considered very sacred to women. This means that they always aim to stay with their husband only until the end of time. This is because they view marriage as a lifetime commitment to being faithful and loyal are crucial for them.

You Will Eat Well

One of the best few things about dating a Filipino woman is that you will almost certainly eat well. Cooking for you is also one of the ways Filipino women show their love and affection. They want their partners to be satisfied with their cooking, and it’s truly a wonderful feeling to be taken care of. In fact, whether or not she is concerned you like her cooking, it is indeed one of the signs that she truly loves you. 

Be Friend With Her Friends

Generally, Filipinos have strong bonds with their friends. They are like family to them. And they will definitely take their opinion about you seriously. Of course, this should go natural and not forced, but it is a huge plus point that her friends have a good view of you! 

Great In Conversing English

A lot of Filipino women can communicate in the English language very well. The is mainly because English is considered as their second language. The Philippines is actually the fourth country with lots of English speakers. This means that misunderstanding and miscommunication can be avoided since there will be no language barrier. So, don’t you worry because you will indeed find a Filipino woman who knows how to speak English?

Filipino Women Value The Concept of Marriage

Again, as mentioned above, because of their religious and cultural upbringing, these lovely women value and respect the concept of ​​marriage. So rather than using divorce as the only solution when getting to a massive fight with their significant partner, Filipinos are more likely to sit down and talk about the issue at hand. As a result, when you marry a Filipino woman, you are much less likely to get divorced than a Western woman.

Always Expect Cultural Differences

A lot of men look for a woman or maybe go to the Philippines, considering it’s like going to be a cheaper version of Hawaii. But, of course, it’s understandable to feel this way. After all, the Philippines is a colony of the United States, and the majority of Filipinos speak English and are very j friendly. But we cannot be far from the truth. The country is on the other side of the world from the United States, and lots of their customs will feel that way.

She Truly Loves Food

If you find events in the family, food will constantly be the highlight. Each member of the family has their own favorite meal that will always be served on the table. When there are events and gatherings, they serve excessive food to feed the whole neighborhood.

Their food is delightful and highly satisfying. As an example, their breakfast will make you full and energized when it comes to a whole day. Generally, they prepare eggs, fried rice, corn beef, tocino, beef tapa, or dried fish in the morning with hot chocolate or coffee. It is really great. You may find it way too much to start with. Like, how could they eat all those food? However, it will not take very long, and you will too love it. Filipino foods are fantastic and incredibly yummy.

Not All Filipino Women Are After Your Money

You can find various stories about foreign guys meeting Filipino women that just asked them for money for financial aid. She’s got several reasons and drama on her behalf of life. In most cases, she exaggerates her poverty along with her family’s urgent need to ask foreign guys for money. For instance, her parents are both sick, her brother has a way to work abroad but can’t afford the agency travel or fees. At some point, she also asks to make it possible to finish her school or studies, but then the guy that has been supporting her learned later on that she really is doing the same thing to some men. Because of this, Filipino women can be tagged as scammers and deceitful.

However, this is not always the outcome. There are Filipino women who will be sincere and honest in seeking out the love of their lives. Some single mothers announced their predicament outright and still find somebody who surely values them and accepts their past. A lot of the women on dating sites are hoping to find their prince charming as well. Filipino women have much like to give, so while some of these have evil motives, you may still find others who deserve your full trust. The only challenge here is to look for them.

Don’t Get Surprised If She Falls In Love Quickly

Filipinos are actually passionate, and that goes for their love lives as well. Naturally, therefore, it’s not really uncommon to start feeling her getting attached after a couple of weeks of talking and video calling. So, if she is declaring love after the 1st or 2nd conversation, we all know that she is most likely a scammer trying to trick you, but if you’ve been having some good conversations after some few weeks, do not be alarmed if she begins showing the signs that she genuinely likes you.

Conclusion | Final Thoughts

Indeed, Filipinas are full of passion, but they are also great believers waiting for what you want. Filipinas will actually go out of their way to please their partners so long as you treat them right. The respect for age, the traditional values, and acceptance of who they are set Filipino women far apart from many western women.

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