What To Expect When Marrying A Filipina? The Truth

This is also one of the questions foreign men who have dated Filipino women have. And they want to reach the level of their relationships. You need to know things when you marry a Filipino woman. Filipinos still believe in marriage strongly in the Philippines.

A country where most people are religious and consider marriage to be sacred. They truly know how to value the importance of living together and marriage. Especially on the side of all women. Marriage is an important and unforgettable event for Filipino women, as this is a once-in-a-lifetime event for every woman.

Here in the Philippines, the parents of both parties must be together just before the couple gets married. Then, the man and his family will go to the woman’s house to have “pamamanhikan,” a Filipino word or supplication.

At this time, the boy will get permission from the parents and consent to marry their daughter. So, in this blog, we will tackle what to expect when marrying a Filipino woman.

They Know When To Be Submissive

The majority of people say Asian women are submissive. Filipino women are also submissive – but not all the time.

Filipino women know their place in the household 

They openly show compassion and love for you and provide quiet understanding towards their family.

These women are also tactful – and know how to compose themselves, especially in social situations. They speak carefully and politely but not without substance.

Filipino Women Are Hospitable

Filipinos are known for hospitality, but it’s more agreeable to say than Filipinos. For instance, they have family, friends, or maybe visitors abroad, except that Filipinos treat them like VIP people. 

Filipinos welcome visitors in a warm, safe and affectionate atmosphere. For example, her foreign boyfriend traveled to the Philippines to visit her, hoping she and her family would treat him like a star! They prepare a lot of Filipino cuisine for their visitors and look forward to introducing you to other families.

For Filipino women, these traits show that they can be good wives to their husbands. This is truly one of the reasons why most foreigners prefer to return to the Philippines. 

At the same time, others come back and settle down with their wife and make a living in the Philippines.

Lots Of Hanging Out And Singing

Some Filipinos have made a name for themselves worldwide due to their natural talent for singing. You will find some Filipinos in singing competitions, and if you visit the country, you will see lots of karaoke bars everywhere. 

This goes to show the love of the Filipino people for singing. Therefore, if you are looking for a Filipino woman for marriage, you can expect to hang out in KTVs or karaoke bars a few times during your dates. 

The moment you two successfully tied the knot, it could also mean that you will be hanging out in those spots more regularly. Or, if you both enjoy staying inside the house instead of going out, you will sometimes spend those times singing karaoke on your TV.

Going To Church On Sundays

Most Filipinos are Catholics, and a significant portion of the remaining are Christians from various denominations.

This means that most Filipino women you can come across while searching for a potential wife will be religious and devoted to their faith. 

This could also mean that your dates sometimes involve going to church on Sundays at one point. When you decide to marry her, you can expect more regular church visits on Sundays. 

However, if you don’t have the same beliefs as her, try to respect them. Filipina won’t judge you based on your faith, so this shouldn’t be an issue. Just don’t judge her as well as her family based on that.

They Are An Excellent Cook

Who does not want to have an excellent wife that is good in the kitchen? Most of the time, in the Philippines, women are the ones who are in charge of the kitchen. 

Making a delicious homemade meal is a way to make your husband full and happy. When you marry a Filipino woman, you expect her to be your best cook. 

I know that most Filipinos always love to eat. She can serve her husband a variety of delightful dishes.

They also serve you four meals daily, perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner. They know how to make their husbands happy by cooking home-cooked food. 

For this reason, most foreigners love to marry Filipinas because they genuinely care for their partners. Your Filipino wife will cook you some unusual dishes that are the pride of the Philippines, like cooking Sinigang, Adobo, Bulalo, and Lechon. 

Filipino Women Value Family

Filipino women give fundamental importance when it comes to family. The value of having a wonderful family is rooted in the hearts of growing Filipino women. 

Indeed, family is their cornerstone. Once committed, they prioritize family before friends, career, or money. 

So, rest assured that they will do everything as much as possible to protect and keep their families.

Filipino Women Value The Importance of Marriage 

So, when you marry a Filipino woman, you may expect they’re valuing the importance of marriage. To her, it is sacred that she must genuinely respect. 

Being married to a Filipino woman means it is indeed a long-life commitment. The commitment to be loyal and faithful to each other for better or worse. 

Whenever she marries the love of her life, she ensures she will be with him for the rest of her life. They think that marriage is a gift from God that you should respect and not play around with. 

They believe marriage is a gift from God, should be respected, and should not be tampered with. However, if the marriage does not work for them and they want to separate, there’s also a way for a legal separation. 

In some countries, divorce is the right and legal form of alienation. But in the country, there is no divorce law but just an annulment; it’s a way to null or void your marriage. 

Final Thoughts | Conclusion

Marrying a Filipino woman will be a wonderful experience – no matter what. The real key to making it work is understanding and staying open-minded that there is give-and-take, just as in all marriages. 

Both need to be more optimistic in particular changes of emotion and situation. For instance, if you marry, whenever you want to take her with you to live outside the Philippines, she is willing to give up her culture and leave her family to be with you. 

Therefore, I conclude that foreign men are lucky enough to have a Filipino wife. Perfect for being wife material, have lots of values and traits. 

If you know what to expect before going into the marriage, chances are better that it will work out in the long run.

Best wishes!

Regina and Joe

Hello! It's Regina and Joe here. Like many other couples, we met online and after a long-distance relationship, Joe decided to move to the Philippines, where we married and live together since 2017. In this blog, we will teach you how to enjoy the Philippines to the fullest and what to expect from Filipino culture. Who more than us can understand both the West and the East?

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