Which Is The 4th Largest Island In The Philippines?

The Philipines is an archipelago; it comprises various islands with a total of 7,641. Since the country is an archipelago, it is not a surprise to say that it is considered the 5th largest island country globally. The country comprises various islands, from the smallest, Boracay, to the largest, Luzon. Due to the geographical state, the Philippines has so many beaches and a tiny island that attracts many tourists worldwide. 

The fourth-largest island in the Philippines is the Negros Island. The island is divided into two provinces: Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. The Negros Occidental belongs to Western Visayas Region, while Negros Oriental belongs to Central Visayas Region.

The locals in the Negros island are called Negrenses or Negrosanon. The island is not only divided by provincial boundaries but also by linguistical identity. The western half of the island is called the Occidental, wherein Ilonggo-speaking people reside. The eastern half is the Oriental part of the island is where the Cebuano-Speaking people reside.

There are so many amazing facts to learn about the Negros Island; you will discover more by reading down below. 

Where is Negros Located?

Negros Island is located in the central part of the Philippines, in the Visayas Region.

Negros island is located between the Panay and Guimaras, west of Cebu and Siquijor at the toe part of the island.

To be specific, Negros is located in Western Visayas, the sixth region in the Philippines.

How to Get to Negros?

Since Negros Island is divided into two provinces, there are various ways on how to get there it can be through air or sea travel. There are no international airports on the Negros Island, only domestic airports. If you are in Manila, you can have domestic flights to Bacolod-Silay Domestic Airport to visit Negros Occidental.

If you plan to wander in the province of Negros Oriental, you can have a domestic flight to Sibulan Airport.

If you are from other countries and you are traveling through an international flight, you need to drop at Iloilo, a nearby island of Negros, if you are planning to go Negros Occidental. If you plan to go to Negros Oriental on an international flight, you can drop at Cebu City, a nearby island to Negros Oriental.

If you are in the nearby islands like Guimaras or Iloilo or have just visited Boracay Island, you can use a ferry boat since there is a seaport in Bacolod. Arter then if you want to venture the island via bus transportation.

The same thing for Negros Oriental, if you are on a nearby island like Siquijor, Bohol, or Cebu, you can travel by sea since Dumaguete also has a seaport and you can wander in the Negros Oriental province via land transportation. 

Sipalay City is one of the well-known cities in the Negros Occidental due to its beautiful beaches, and that city now has a small airport that caters once a week flight from Iloilo and Cebu City. There’s a lot of mode of transportation in going to the Negros Island. You can do it by air, sea and land travel.

Local jeepneys, taxis, tricycles, and pedicabs could accommodate you if you don’t have a car to venture the whole island.

What To See: Top 5 Attractions

There are many places to visit on the Negros Island since it caters to many beautiful places to wander your eyes. Since there are lots to share, I will just be introducing the top 5 best attractions on the Negros Island. The best attractions include The Ruins, Danjugan Island, Lakawon Island, Apo Island, and Manjuyod Sand Bar.

The Ruins

The Ruin is considered the Taj Mahal of the Philippines, and this mansion was built by Don Mariano Lacson for her beloved wife Maria Braga when she died. Its structure is located in Talisay, Negros Occidental.

During World War II, it was burned down by the United States Armed Forces.

Up until this day, the structure is still there, giving it a beautiful architectural design. Most people come and visit the place due to its beautiful structure.

Danjugan Island

If you are planning to have an exciting adventure like snorkeling, kayaking, trekking, bird watching, sailing, and scuba diving, Danjugan Island is for you.

The island is a marine-reserved and wildlife sanctuary where most people visit for study and adventure. Danjugan Island is one of the hidden paradises in Negros Occidental due to its marine and wildlife.

Danjugan Island is a separate island under the jurisdiction of Cauayan, Negros Occidental.

Lakawon Island

One of the best places in Negros is Occidental in Lakawon Island, which is considered the Boracay of Negros. This island has a banana shape surrounded by tall coconut trees.

This white sand island beach is a perfect getaway and to have a good time with their best facilities and accommodation.

This wonderful island is 3 kilometers away from the coasts of Cadiz, Negros Occidental.

Apo Island

The best diving and snorkeling adventure in Negros can be found on Apo Island. It is a marine sanctuary with various species of more than 650 fishes with more than 400 types of corals. You will be amazed by the spectacular underwater beauty of the island.

To go there, you need to have a 30-minute boat ride from the port of Zamboanguita, and this is an island is under the jurisdiction of Dauin, Negros Oriental. 

Manjuyod Sandbar

Manjuyod sandbar is a perfect destination for family, group, or couple getaways. This long stretch of sandbar will give you amazement and excitement while exploring the beauty of this place.

When tides are low, there are beautiful shells and starfishes that you can see near the shores, and during high tides, you will be marveled by the crystal clear waters. Due to its beautiful scenery, it is called the Maldives of the Philippines.

Why Negros is Worth Visiting?

Negros island is worth visiting due to its various places to visit. There are beautiful eco-parks, sand bars, white sand beaches, highland resorts, falls, and fantastic historical places to visit.

There are also various of transportation that you can use based on your preferences.

The lodging places are very affordable, and there is easy access to food at budget-friendly prices. Aside from visiting beautiful places and tasty Negros delicacies, the island has a vibrant culture and a proud history. 

What To Be Aware Of In Visiting Nergos?

There is less to be aware of in visiting the Negros Island aside from the urban places. Urban places like the city center may have some pickpockets and thieves that you need to be aware of.

Also, it is best that you are aware of the current fare in transportations since some of the local drivers may ask you more than the actual fare. Please note that some beaches are not yet well structured, or the construction is unfinished.

There will be resort accommodations with no air condition, so you need to be flexible and well-prepared. Those are the minor things that need to be aware of in visiting Negros.


Negros Island is the fourth largest island in the Philippines. The island is divided into two provinces, namely the Negros occidental and the Negros Oriental. The two provinces have different language use. The Occidental is where the Ilonggo- speaking people reside, while the Oriental is where the Bisaya-speaking people reside. The island has a variety of beautiful places to offer that will keep you fascinated. You can get into the island by sea, air, and land travel.

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