Why Do Foreigners Prefer Filipino Workers? Explained

One of the most helpful industries that contribute to the rising economy of the Philippines is outsourcing. A lot of foreigners would outsource Filipino workers to do virtual jobs. Due to the increasing demand for Filipino virtual workers, many Filipinos now enjoy this job’s benefits. This includes the benefit of working at the comfort of their home and a higher compensation rate.

Many foreigners prefer hiring Filipino workers since Filipinos are good at speaking English. They do have good work ethics and a low salary rate. Also, Filipinos are immersed with Western culture and Startup company friendly. With these factors, Foreigners are attracted to outsourcing in the Philippines. 

Outsourcing in the Philippines brought a lot of benefits to foreign employers. Any virtual work offered to Filipinos benefits you as an employer and Filipinos as an employee. It is a win-win advantage for both you and your Filipino employee. You provide jobs requiring you to pay less while Filipino benefits from working with a good salary. If you want to know more about why foreigners prefer Filipino workers, read more details below. 

Filipinos Are Good English Speakers

One of the best advantages of hiring Filipino workers is speaking English. The Americans and English colonized Filipinos became a part of the language. English is used in schools, offices, and other formal letters and writings. When you hire a Filipino worker, it will be easier for you to communicate and let them write letters, set appointments, write articles, and other writing-related stuff. 

The English Language is one of the two major languages alongside the Filipino language, so Filipinos are somewhat familiar and emerged. Moreover, suppose you wish to let your virtual worker communicate with your customers. In that case, they can surely cater to them with assistance and help as Filipinos communicate using the English language. As we all know, effective communication is an essential factor contributing to understanding. 

Filipinos Are Hardworking

It can’t be denied that Filipinos are hardworking individuals. They will take their job seriously and even do overtime to meet their needs and provide for their family. They would typically care for their job and work hard to maintain it since that is their bread and butter. As you may notice, so many Overseas Filipino workers can be used to prove their pride in work and how they do well in any work assigned to them.

Filipino workers value their work and will do their best to maintain it because Filipinos find it an opportunity to work at home while having a reasonable salary rate in comparison to the standard office work here in the Philippines. Many foreigners have seen their hard work, and they continued to patronage the workforce from the Philippines. As you may notice, many Foreigners, especially the Americans, continue to outsource in the Philippines as proof that they love and appreciate Filipinos’ hardworking attitudes.

Filipinos Have A Low Salary Rate

Many foreign employers prefer Filipino because they are competitive and have a low salary rate compared to workers from America and other English-speaking countries. There is a big difference between the pricing rate from outsourcing Filipino workers than foreign workers. So, if you want to spend less but seek workers who will offer the quality of work, outsourcing in the Philippines is the best thing to consider. 

If you choose Filipino workers, you can see the difference between the salary pricing and the same service quality. If you are a company or a business owner, it will be an advantage since you will save money to pay for the job you have given to your workers, but you get a good quality of services. 

Hiring A Filipino Worker Is A Startup Company Friendly

Big companies are not only the ones that can maximize the great benefits of hiring Filipino workers but also for startups and small companies. If you are a startup company, you can hire a Filipino worker with a rate of $200 to $500 per month. 

However, the salary rate depends on the difficulty of the job or the task assigned to them. Also, experience and skills matter and are factors to consider with the salary pricing. You can also hire a team of employers to do the job by giving them less than $2000.

Filipino Workers Are Emphatic

A research study states that empathy is one of the critical drives for the overall performance of an employee. As you may notice, so many Filipinos are fond of listening and know how to engage others into sharing their thoughts and feelings. That is one of the reasons why Filipinos are one of the best candidates for a virtual worker since they know how to empathize with customers and their co-workers. 

Listening and responding with empathy is a highly considered factor that connects overall performance and fundamental management skills, including mentoring and making informed and wise decisions.

Filipinos Are Generous And Thoughtful

Part of the Filipino culture is being generous and thoughtful. Filipino likes to celebrate small wins and improvements. They do that because they believe it improves and can lift morale and increase productivity. Moreover, if you show Filipinos generosity and appreciation, they will keep it as “utang na loob” and return the favor. 

Filipinos Are Competent

One of the characteristics of Filipinos is being competent. That is why they do their best in every job offered to them. Filipinos are skilled and have talent in different fields. They are easily adaptive to the job that they are in. If they may not be familiar with firms, they will do their best to master and be good at it. 


Many foreigners prefer Filipino workers due to the benefits of hiring one. Filipinos are good English speakers, competent, generous, thoughtful, skilled, and emphatic. Moreover, if you hire a Filipino worker, you can save money due to the low- salary rate but excellent job output. Also, Filipino workers are adaptive and can quickly learn from the job assigned to them. If the task may be new to them, they will do their best to master it. 

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