Why Filipinas Are So Moody? Finally Solved

Being too emotional is genuinely a bad thing. It is worse than not having emotions. When someone is too emotional, that person cannot think clearly. The decisions of an emotional person are determined primarily by their emotion rather than reason. It is bad enough to deal with an emotional individual; it’s even worse when most society members are mostly emotional. But why do you think Filipinas are so moody? What is a relationship with a Pinay girlfriend like? In a word, superb.

Filipino women are moody since they typically want to get your attention especially when they have a “tampo” in them. They felt that they were taken for granted which keeps them from sulking. Moreover, it may be a hormonal imbalance. Sometimes, women are moody because they are also jealous.

Asian women and Western men match each other perfectly. Women from the Philippines are wife-material and make excellent mothers. They honor and respect their husbands. Do Filipino women make good wives? Yes! However, being unpredictable is one annoying habit. It’s actually common for women to be moody, especially when during their period. To know why women are moody, check more details below.

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The Dreaded Tampo

Have you heard of tampo? To anyone who doesn’t know what tempo is, you will immediately learn the meaning of this word when you marry a Filipina woman. It is best not to forget it for your own understanding and domestic harmony.

Tampo is, basically, pouting or sulking, but with a unique Filipino twist: It starts swiftly and for frequently no apparent reason. There is no Western equivalent. Tampo time is usually just silence. Things get really quiet all of a sudden. Browse scrunch up. Plates and other things start being set down noisily. Angry Filipina voices start being heard outside doors in Filipino or Tagalog, on cell phones, and so on. 

Telltale Signs of Pagtatampo

  • She nods, grunts, or shakes her head at anything you ask or say.
  • She avoids other people.
  • She neglects you completely.
  • She’s being cold all of a sudden.
  • She actually won’t eat.
  • She hides away in another room.

Most Common Causes of Every Filipina’s Tampo

Lack Of Appreciation Or Affection

Maybe you did not notice her new haircut, or you did not compliment her new outfit. Perhaps you did not even say “thank you” when she did something for you. Again, you can actually cross-reference this with misunderstandings culturally. The majority of men in a relationship with a Filipina woman will be nodding and agreeing at this point.

Cultural Misunderstanding

This is the prevalent cause of tampo in an interracial relationship. For example, perhaps you said something that came out too harsh or cracked a joke at her expense. Or you may have offended her by not trying a Filipino food or dish she cooked.


If you’ve been looking at another woman for too long, chances are a tampo is coming! Yes, and you know it.

How to Deal with Tampo?

You are in a relationship with a woman from the Philippines, and she quickly goes quiet and won’t even explain what’s up. Odds are undoubtedly good that it’s the dreaded… tampo. So, how do you deal with this situation? Your first intuition might be to just walk away and let things flow over. Well, do not do that. It will only aggravate your Filipina partner even more. There are better ways to deal with this. The most practical approaches are:

  • Wait for things to cool over
  • Talk things out
  • Apologize with a sensible gift or just a note
  • Cater to her, suck up (lambing
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You could even call these “strategies.” And this also explains how to use them with great success. But just a reminder, though, it is not really guaranteed. Of course. The majority of women are not into video games. So, if something “does not work,” something else could be wrong.

Agree to work for a communicative and more open relationship. Tampo is actually considered by most Westerners to be unnecessary behavior and being childish. That might be true, but you are limited by your own biases as well. Look at it from your partner’s point of view.

She grew up in a lifestyle where it is customary to withdraw from situations or people that hurt her feelings or push her in the wrong direction. She believes that she should avoid expressing her feelings. If you are from somewhere such as Europe or the USA, that is presumably the opposite of what you were raised in.

Tell your Filipina partner that you really understand where she is coming from. But that there is another way to deal with minor misunderstandings. Tell her that there’s always the alternative of talking to you about the issue before she goes into this mode. Try your best to persuade her that you would not take it the wrong way and that flourishing relationships are based on open communication.

It is not something she needs to be ashamed about when she’s with you. Of course, it will take time before upfront communication becomes your Filipina partner’s first reaction to a mistake you have made. But most of all, all relationships take consistency and agreement to get to that point. Particularly interracial relationships.

Final Thoughts | Conclusion

Filipin guys use the same “methods” to handle tampo as well. But sometimes, they go too far in apologizing even if they haven’t done anything wrong. You do not want to go there. It will truly normalize the habit to the point that the tampo could be used as manipulation. This is always not the case, though, but it does happen!

The goal here is to meet each other halfway. First, make her feel that her tampo is not a nuisance or inconvenience to you. And then, talk to each other smoothly to come to a decent compromise. Again, women from the Philippines are good-hearted and incredibly kind. And even though you may have to deal with feisty arguments every now and then, she is not going to ridicule and berate you when she proves you wrong, and she will – they always do. But the satisfaction and excitement you will feel while dating a Filipina woman is just the beginning of an astonishing new chapter in your life.

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